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3 Sizzling Hot True Crime Books – Summer 2017

Looking for the perfect true crime book to liven up your beach day?

If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with true crime and constantly on the lookout for something gripping to read.

The following books are scheduled to be released during the summer of 2017 and promise to horrify, entertain, and educate:

1) The Chick and the Dead: Life and Death Behind Mortuary Doors

By Carla Valentine

Cover image of the true crime book The Chick and the Dead

Carla Valentine lives her life surrounded by the dead. Drawing on her expertise, Valentine details the autopsy process and examines controversial issues such as death, sex, and human tissue collection. With a focus on what death can teach us about life, this book brings together the personal and the professional as it explores our culture’s changing relationship with death.

Valentine is a qualified Anatomical Pathology Technologist and is currently the Technical Curator of Barts Pathology Museum. Valentine also teaches at the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences and runs a dating and networking site for death professionals fittingly called Dead Meet.

The Chick and the Dead: Life and Death Behind Mortuary Doors is available June 13th, 2017 through Amazon.


2) Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer 

By M. William Phelps

Cover image of the true crime book Dangerous Ground

In this uncharacteristically personal book, M. William Phelps reveals the identity of “Raven,” the serial killer who co-starred with him on Dark Minds, and chronicles their complex relationship. Drawing on letters, recorded conversations, personal and Skype visits, and a five-year “friendship,” Phelps sheds new light on Raven’s bloody history. Be ready for a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a killer and to grapple with disturbing interplay between man and monster.

Phelps is an award-winning investigative journalist, crime/serial killer expert, bestselling true crime author, and creator/producer and host of Dark Minds.

Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer is available July 25th, 2017 through Amazon.


3) The Hot One: A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder

By Carolyn Murnick

Cover image of the true crime book The Hot One

Carolyn Murnick’s debut book is a memoir that delves into the brutal murder of her childhood best friend. Resolute to learn the truth about what happened to her wild and seductive friend Ashley, Murnick travels across the country to attend the trial of an alleged serial killer, Michael Gargiulo, who may have brutally murdered her friend. Themes of sex, violence, and friendship are sure to make this a page-turner.

Murnick is a senior editor with New York Magazine.

The Hot One: A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder is available August 1st, 2017 through Amazon.


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