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Image of Susan Shearin Clary

The Unsolved Murder of Susan Shearin Clary 

Hello, my loyal true crime readers! I am excited to present a guest post by true crime writer Greg Fox. In this post, Greg examines who killed Susan Shearin Clary and her unborn child in the small eastern North Carolina town of Weldon in ...
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Audio File: The Disappearance of Trever Andrews

On this podcast episode we cover the disappearance of Trever John Andrews. Trever disappeared from London, Ontario on October 28, 2009. Did he merely run off to party? Did someone murder him? A police investigation uncovered no sign of Trever; he remains missing. Click here to ...
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Irene Frances Gibbons Home

Audio File: The Unsolved Murder of Irene “Frances” Gibbons

On this podcast episode, we cover the murder of Irene “Frances” Gibbons. In 1975, the small town of Strathroy, Ontario was shocked by the cold-blooded murder of Frances. Her murder was never solved, and questions remain today as to whether it may have been linked ...
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Image of missing person Noreen Greenley

The Disappearance of Noreen Greenley

Click here to hear the Audio File of this case. And please do not forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review. Positive reviews really help others find our show. Case File Overview In September 1963 Noreen Greenley was a vibrant 13-year-old. She lived ...
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Audio File: The Noida Double Murders

On this podcast episode we cover the Noida Double Murders. It's based on a guest post written by Alice of the Of Myth and Mercy podcast. While there are many questions as to the events of that fateful night, only the results are truly known ...
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