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The Unsolved Murder of Andrew Moore

The Unsolved Murder of Andrew Moore


Case File Overview


On September 12th, 2000, Rita Moore asked her brother to check in on her son, twenty-six-year-old Andrew Moore. Andy lived in a studio apartment at the 1300 block of 8th Avenue in San Diego, California. Andy’s parents had been unable to contact him for days, which was extremely unusual.

Andy had fallen in love with the West Coast when he visited his uncle during his high school summer breaks. He eventually left small-town Pennsylvania and moved to San Diego. He worked as a cook at Maloney’s Tavern in the Gaslamp Quarter while attending San Diego City College full time, majoring in international business.

When Andy’s uncle arrived at his apartment, he looked in the window and immediately called the police. When the authorities forced their way into the home, they found Andy’s body in plain view.

There are mixed reports regarding Andy’s cause of death (some say he was bludgeoned), but it is generally reported he was shot and stabbed to death.

The police believe Andy was likely murdered on September 9th, 2000, the last day anyone reported seeing Andy alive and well.

Despite a thorough investigation by the SDPD’s Homicide Unit, Andy’s case remains unsolved.


Case File Theories


The police are not releasing much information about this case. This makes it difficult to formulate too many solid theories. However, from what little we do know, Andy’s murder might be the case of a robbery gone wrong.

As previously mentioned, Andy was last seen on September 9th, 2000—a Saturday. He was entertaining a group of unidentified visitors in his apartment, two women and a man. The authorities contend Andy was murdered later that evening.

Andy’s apartment was ransacked, and an expensive set of Russell culinary knives and Andy’s red 1994 Suzuki Katana motorcycle were missing.

Andrew on his Suzuki Katana motorcycle 

Photo of murder victim Andrew Moore
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

The motorcycle was later recovered on October 17th, 2000. It was found parked in the 1300 block of 24th Street in the Golden Hill neighbourhood. The police think the perpetrator(s) brazenly used the motorcycle for weeks after Andy was killed.

Andy’s parents mentioned they would not be surprised if someone had taken advantage of their son’s trusting nature. His mother stated, “Andy was a friend to everybody, you could say. He was very friendly and outgoing. We could just picture him just having an apartment there and leaving the door open.” Did Andy open his door to the wrong people? Sadly, this seems all too probable.

Investigators are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the persons of interest in this case. First, they are eager to talk to the man and two women seen partying with Andy on that fateful Saturday night. Also, the police would like to interview a black man and a white woman seen driving a white sub-compact car, perhaps a Volkswagen Rabbit, near Andy’s house on the night of the murder.

Thankfully, though, the authorities are not just counting on the public’s assistance to solve this mystery. They have forensic evidence that could break this case wide open. Homicide Lt. Manny Del Toro told the media, “We run DNA checks on that case about two or three times a year in hopes of obtaining additional information.” He also outlined how fingerprints associated with the case are re-run through the system on a regular basis looking for possible hits.

Given these statements, it is clear the police have both DNA and fingerprint evidence from the crime scene and/or Andy’s motorcycle. Catching Andy’s killer(s) may depend on whether or not the perpetrator(s) commit another crime, have their information entered into the system, and it matches the evidence connected to Andy’s murder.

Andrew Moore

Murder victim Andrew Moore
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

Who do you think murdered Andrew?

Andy’s parents adopted him in 1974 after he was airlifted out of Vietnam. The Moores fully embraced Andy into their loving family, and he is dearly missed.

The Moores established the Andrew Tan Tai Moore Scholarship at San Diego City College, and they painstakingly choose the winner each year and then fly into town to present the award to a deserving student. In this way, the Moores can gain some pleasure in knowing that Andy’s legacy lives on through other young students who are working hard to achieve their dreams.

Andy’s parents have continually pleaded with the public to help solve their son’s murder. Rita, Andy’s mother, told reporters, “We hope that someone out there who knows something about Andy’s case will finally come forth and give us the information that we need, so that the police can solve his case. We think Andy deserves justice. He’s missed out on—we can’t begin to tell you how much he’s missed out on, as our family grows. We miss him terribly.”

Andrew’s parents, Rita and Richard Moore

Photo of Richard and Rita Moore, parents of murdered Andrew Moore
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

If you have any information that can assist with solving this case, please contact the SDPD’s Homicide Unit at (619) 531-2293 or San Diego Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-888-580-8477. There is a $56,000 reward available for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Andy’s killer.

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  1. Michael Schneider Michael Schneider

    Any eyewitness or video of who was in possession of the motorcycle? –neighbors in that area? did andys neighbors know the people he was hosting? did coworkers recognize them? did they frequent his work? were they from his school? any video at all of these people? any pawn shops that bought the knives? did neighbors hear gunshots or a struggle/fight? lots of questions, need answers.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Michael. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. Like you, I have MANY questions about this case. I wish the police would share more information, but they have repeatedly refused saying that they want to protect the integrity of the investigation. Maybe as more time passes, they might release more information so the public can try to be of more help.

  2. Audra McGill Audra McGill

    I am the one of actually 2 (white women) who were present the night of Andy’s murder. I have made repeated attempts to converse with my knowledge and recollection of the night. They are also refusing to adhere to the truth involved with the murder, Andy and I were only a time romantically involved while I was on vacation with an uninvolved friend at the time; I’ve also spoken to his mother on 3 separate occasions since, my quandary is why is it so hard to believe that someone of my socio-economic status is still living with the flashbacks for only a justice system that has somehow failed Andrew? I am by origin not from anywhere near the west coast however there for vacation seemed in itself only a still replayed nightmare!! My email address is enclosed for your help in this case; because I like anyone else thinks that He himself and his family deserve much needed closure… Immediate response to all emails regarding the case is also a promise from my heart to his much loved soul!
    Thank you so much for the continued support and help in the investigation, sincerely Minister Audra McGill

  3. Allison Allison

    Audra – would you share more about what happened that night? Why is the race of the the two women present important? You and Andy were romantically involved, perhaps you had a jealous ex boyfriend, or a stalker? What is the “truth” about this murder?

    • Ash Ash

      A lie for attention, nothing more.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Audra certainly knows more about this murder than she is saying. She was there that night as she admits in the post. Police need to contact her because she certainly is a person of interest if not the person who killed Andrew.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    I think that Audra knows so much but doesn’t want to say much or maybe it was a crazy ex she had and she is protecting them i have read this case and articles about andrew i even tried to look for the motorcycle that was stolen i need more information this case needs to be solved maybe she was the one who murder him

    • Christine Christine

      Hi. Thanks for reading and for commenting on Andrew Moore’s case. It’s heartbreaking and I agree this case needs to be solved. His loved ones deserve answers. Someone knows something. I’m not sure what happened to Andrew, but all it will take is one person to courageously come forward to break the case wide open. Take care ~ Christine

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