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The Unsolved Murder of Anthony Manning

The Unsolved Murder of Anthony Manning


 Case File Overview

Shortly after 6:00 pm on Friday, May 8, 2009, 39-year-old Anthony Manning was found murdered in a home in London, Ontario. The London Police Service were told by an unnamed source that Anthony had been killed. When officers entered the apartment located at #202 – 499 Cleveland Ave, his remains were located in the bathroom.

#202 – 499 Cleveland Ave, London, Ontario

Image of apartment 202 at 499 Cleveland Ave in London, Ontario
Image source: London Police Service

The autopsy revealed that Anthony died from a gunshot wound.

Anthony’s murder remains unsolved.

Case File Theories

There’s a shocking lack of coverage of this case. According to Dale Carruthers from The London Free PressAnthony’s murder “has largely faded from the public radar.” Nearly the only time Anthony’s murder is mentioned by the press is when the London Police Service discusses other cold cases.

Due to the lack of details available about Anthony’s murder, concrete theories are hard to come by.

The London Police Service, however, has made a couple of interesting comments about the case: “We know that a number of people came and went from this address in the days leading up to the discovery of his body. We believe that there are people with information about how Anthony was murdered who have not come forward.”

The first comment above seems to suggest that perhaps the apartment where Anthony was found may have been a popular party spot and/or was used for illegal activity, such as the sale of drugs. The second statement leads me to believe that there are people out there who need to come forward with information to help close this case.

It’s also been reported that police arrested two men at the scene who were eventually released without charges. These men could have been involved, but it’s impossible to know without more information.

Who do you think murdered Anthony?

I’m not sure if Anthony has loved ones trying to get his case into the spotlight and their voices are going unheard, or if he doesn’t have anyone fighting to keep this case alive. Either way, Anthony’s life was tragically cut short, and he deserves justice.

If you can help solve this murder, please contact the London Police Service at 519-661-5670

Interested in unsolved murders? Check out two others that also occurred in London, Ontario: the murder of teenager Sam Lottery and the murder of young mother Lisa Leckie.

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  1. Gracie Gracie

    Unfortunately, I feel this is another case that will need someone to come forward. The theory of it being drug related has its merits. The gold chain around his neck looks quite expensive. I wonder if there was a reward offered if someone would come forward. Unfortunately, with so many people coming and going, I feel it will be a hard case to crack. I really hope Anthony and his family get justice for this senseless crime!

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for sharing your great insights. I couldn’t agree more; even the London police are practically begging people to come forward and insist that many people know more than they’re sharing. Great point about the necklace–it does look expensive. To my knowledge, no reward has been offered in this case yet. But I do think it would help. Here’s hoping someone comes forward and Anthony’s murder case is eventually solved!

  2. J.J J.J

    No one wants justice for this case more than we, (his family) do…..the necklace?? Very reaching, but no.
    The truth is, Detectives don’t care about Tony’s case. Nothing makes sense, none of his friends were his friends, and the house that he was found in was NOT his residence. Get your facts straight before you put your two cents to it.
    If London detectives truly cared, then there is some very vital information that the family should have recieved let’s say, about ……last summer. This case isn’t closed?? I beg to differ.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi J.J. Thank you for taking the time to comment. My very heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. I appreciate you pointing out that Anthony wasn’t found in his own apartment; I apologize for my error, and I’ve amended the post to reflect this. May things go smoother (or go at all, it sounds like) with the London police. I’ll keep spreading the word about Anthony.

      • J.J J.J

        Thank you Christine. This thing has many layers that I want so badly, to be “unravelled.” I was just saying to someone yesterday, not knowing information about my brother, is so much more painful, than knowing a possible ugly truth……I’m not even sure how to articulate my true feelings about this, and the people I feel are “hiding” information. I’ll just continue to trust God, who is really my only hope at this time.
        Maybe your efforts here will prove effective too.
        Again…..thank you. You don’t have to do this, yet you feel led. God bless you friend.

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