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The Disappearance of Brittany Stalman

The Disappearance of Brittany Stalman


Case File Overview


On November 13, 2006, 17-year-old Brittany Stalman left her family home in North Delta, British Columbia and disappeared.

After an argument on the phone with her boyfriend, Brittany told her father she was going on a walk to clear her head and left around 1 pm.

Brittany was last seen in the Westview Drive and 64th Avenue area in North Delta near Westview Park.

Brittany is still missing.

Brittany Stalman

Image of missing person Brittany Stalman
Image source: Brittany Stalman Facebook page

Brittany is caucasian, 168 cm (5’6”), 50 kg (100 lbs), with a slender build. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Brittany recently had her braces removed prior to her disappearance. She has a permanent retainer in place behind her lower teeth. She was last seen wearing a black zip-up jacket with a hood, grey sweat pants, and Puma running shoes. Brittany also had her pink CD Discman with her when she left the house.


Case File Theories



Did Brittany kill herself after arguing with her boyfriend? This is possible, of course, but unlikely. Brittany’s mother, Sandra Stalman, explained that her daughter “does suffer from bouts of depression.” However, Sandra also added that Brittany’s “got ups and downs no different than any other, but she’s basically a happy kid.” People can hide their depression from their friends and family. But I find it odd that if Brittany did kill herself her body has never been found.

Start a new life

Did Brittany run off and start a new life? I don’t think so. Brittany had run away before, but only for short periods of time. I have sense that when Brittany left home before it only lasted long enough for whatever was upsetting her to blow over. Seriously, it’s difficult for most people to abandon their lives, let alone someone with a large social circle and a loving family. Moreover, Brittany left her wallet and purse behind, as well as all of her other personal items.

Foul play

Did a stranger abduct and murder Brittany? Did she stumble upon a murderer during her walk in the woods by her home? Was she taken by a sex-trafficking ring and forced into prostitution? Did she meet up with her boyfriend and die as a result of yet another argument? The options under this theory are nearly endless. The police haven’t released a lot of information about the case, so it’s impossible to know which of these heartbreaking possibilities we can rule out. Brittany’s parents believe that their daughter has met with foul play, and sadly they’re probably right.

What do you think happened to Brittany?

Brittany Stalman

Image of missing person Brittany Stalman
Image source: Brittany Stalman Facebook page

Brittany’s family and friends refuse to stop searching. Her loved ones have a Facebook page dedicated to spreading the word about her disappearance. Also, her mother and father have wandered the trails near their home looking for any sign of what could’ve happened to their daughter.

Brittany’s loved ones need at least some sense of closure. The Delta Police say that they’ve “exhausted all traditional avenues” in their search for Brittany. Someone out there knows what happened to Brittany, and it’s time for them to come forward.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Delta Police at 604-946-4411.

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  1. Ty and Robert Ty and Robert

    I came across this post while searching for a missing person, Im searching for Jennifer Wilkerson, missing since 2004 from Lubbock TX. While looking online today I came across a case on Namus #UP2360
    ME/C Case # 08-01866 a Jane Doe found with a Delta Fire Dept. Sweater so I searched Delta Fire Dept. Missing Persons. This person was found in Sacramento Co, on March 29, 2008.
    They only have a facial reconstruction. but clothing found too and jewelry found too.

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for reading and for sharing this interesting connection! I checked out the info and it could be possible, but my research showed there was a Delta Fire Services of some kind in the area where the body was found. And I also was wondering if maybe “Delta” in the description was a name brand? Anyways, I think there’s enough there that it couldn’t hurt for you to send an email to the authorities to pass on the suggested link. The age and timeframe and body size, etc. are all a possible fit. Thanks again!

      • Liane Liane

        Delta is in British Columbia, Canada, i live there, My Name is Liane Easton and my parents have lived in sunshine hills pretty much Brittany’s neighbourhood, i grew up there and still live in delta, she went missing a year after i was born and my parents were so shocked that something would happen in this neighbourhood, I want to see Brittany come home especially be coming closer and closer to being her age.

        • Christine Christine

          Hi Liane. Thanks for sharing how close to home this case is for you. I’m also from the Lower Mainland of BC and it’s scary to think a case like this can go unsolved for so long. It’s such a populated area it makes me wonder where on earth she can be and not be found. Here’s hoping there is closure of some kind in this heartbreaking case soon. Take care.

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