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The Unsolved Murder of Candice Bobb

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Case File Overview 

On May 15, 2016, thirty-three-year-old Candice Bobb stepped out of her home in Malton, Ontario – a neighbourhood in Mississauga – for the last time. 

Candice put aside her baby shower planning on the warm spring evening to go and watch her boyfriend play basketball. By 8:00PM, Candice, her boyfriend, his cousin, and one of his teammates had piled into a vehicle and were headed to a men’s recreational basketball game in Scarborough

When the game was done, the group made their way to Jamestown to drop off the teammate. Around 11:00PM they entered John Garland Boulevard and drove eastbound towards Jamestown Crescent. Right after they pulled a U-turn in the intersection and stopped so the teammate could hop out of the car, seemingly out of nowhere the car was hit with a spray of bullets. 

Intersection of Jamestown Crescent and John Garland Boulevard

Image of Intersection of Jamestown Crescent and John Garland Boulevard

Candice was sitting in the backseat and was struck in the chest by a bullet. Amazingly no one else in the car was injured. The driver raced to Etobicoke General Hospital to get Candice help. 

When they arrived at the hospital, Candice was whisked into surgery and doctors performed an emergency c-section. They delivered her baby even though she was only 24 weeks pregnant. 

Candice died from her injuries shortly after the shooting, but her son Kyrie survived. However, three weeks later he died while surrounded by family at Sunnybrook’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Even though police have surveillance footage from the area, six shell casings were found near the scene, and a number of people were in the area at the time of the shooting, the police do not have any suspects. 

Candice’s murder remains unsolved.

Case File Theories

A targeted killing 

Was Candice targeted by her killer? 

Candice, a long-time resident of Malton, had absolutely no ties to Jamestown. She had not spent time in the area and did not know anyone who lived there. By all accounts, Candice had no enemies. Also, she was not known to police. Given all of this, it is unlikely someone was targeting Candice when they shot up the car. 

But was someone in the vehicle Candice was travelling in at the time of the shooting the target? 

Police have reported that none of the men in the car had a criminal record or were involved in any gang activity. They also cooperated fully with the investigation and were distraught by Candice’s death. Candice’s family does not think anyone in the car was the target. They have said that Candice knew everyone in the vehicle well and would never have been with them if she thought it was unsafe for her or her baby.

Both the police and Candice’s family doubt anyone in the car had anything to do with the shooting. 

Gang violence 

Was Candice the victim of gang violence? 

Gang activity and gun violence have plagued Jamestown for years. A gang based out of Driftwood Avenue in the Jane and Finch area was said to be in a turf war with a gang from Jamestown Crescent in the Kipling and Albion area at the time of Candice’s murder. 

Some of the suspected gang-related shootings in the area where Candice was killed include 14-year-old Lecent Ross, who was murdered just feet away from where Candice was shot; stay-at-home-dad Donald Beckles, who was shot multiple times on the same street as Candice; and 15-year-old Jarvis Montague, who was killed during a shooting at the Jamestown housing complex.

Investigators have a theory that when the car carrying Candice pulled a U-turn to drop off one of the passengers, the vehicle drew the attention of gang members. Perhaps they thought the occupants of the car were a threat, so they fired on the vehicle.

When Candice was murdered, Toronto city officials were outraged by the death of a pregnant young mother who may have been collateral damage of the turf war. 

City Councillor Vincent Cristani blamed the violence in Jamestown on a small group of people, stating, “These gangs these younger people are involved in are in turf wars. They’re carrying guns and settling their differences showing their muscle in that way.”

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said Candice’s murder had “shocked the city.”  

And Mayor John Tory called Candice’s murder “a travesty.” He told the media, “This is our city and we need to stand together in the face of this kind of senseless violence.” 

Who do you think murdered Candice? 

Candice’s close-knit family – including her parents and five siblings – are grappling with their loss. They still recall how the once-quiet Candice grew into a jokester who loved pulling pranks and doing impressions. They even saved a recording of Candice’s cackle – something she would send in reply to any funny messages she received. 

Candice was also the family planner, a role that has been hard for others to fill. She was the driving force behind organizing family get-togethers, such as bowling nights and celebration dinners. She also supported her grandparents by taking them to all of their appointments. Candice was at the heart of her family. Without her, it will never be the same. 

Not only was Candice an expectant mother who was excitedly decorating Kyrie’s nursery in preparation for his arrival, but also she was the proud mom of two teenage boys. After Candice’s murder, they moved in with their Aunt Natasha and have been surrounded by love and support. But still, these young men will tragically have to make their way through the world without their loving mom. 

Jackie Weir, Candice’s mom, captured the family’s heartbreak and the long-lasting impact of Candice’s death when she told the media, “There is an empty seat at the table. She’s never coming back. We have been handed a life sentence.”

On top of losing Candice, her family also had to watch helplessly as baby Kyrie fought for his life and lost. Without doubt, Kyrie’s death complicated the murder investigation. It took a long time for authorities to decide if whoever killed Candice would also be held responsible for murdering her unborn baby. 

In Canada, whether or not the murder of a pregnant woman should be viewed as one homicide or two has been debated for years. Answering this question can be difficult for some people, as it entails diving into murky political and ethical arguments on when a fetus becomes a human being.

But finally, in February of 2017, Toronto Police announced the case was being considered a double murder. Whoever killed Candice now also faces a homicide charge for the murder of her son Kyrie. According to Detective Sergeant Mike Carbone, the decision took so long because it involved “a very, very complicated part of the law.”

Candice Bobb

Image of murder victim Candice Bobb
Source: CBC News

Police still do not have any suspects in the murders and are asking members of the public to come forward with information. They believe someone out there knows something and either may not realize the information they have is important or is too scared to come forward. 

There is a $50,000 reward in this case. Anyone with information about the murder of Candice and Kyrie should contact Toronto Police Homicide Squad at 416-808-7400 or Crime Stoppers 416-222-8477.

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  1. Good post, and very sad case. Maybe it was a case of mistaken identity. Maybe, if the gangsters were on that street, at least one of them mistook one of Candice’s companions for a rival. Then when the news got out on who they’d actually shot and killed, they went into hiding.

    Hopefully whoever did this is caught one day.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Kelby – Thanks for reading and for taking the time to share your thoughts! I’m thinking along the same lines as you. I wouldn’t be surprised if this tragic case turned out to be a matter of mistaken identity. Here’s hoping Candice’s family can one day soon get some answers. All it might take is for one person to come forward with information!

    • Chrystal Chrystal

      Sorry I couldn’t find where I could comment my name is Chrystal Wilson I’m from Queensland Australia I believe it may have had something to do with the basketball game the men may not have had anything to do with gang or anything I believe they may have been followed from the game Candice wasn’t the target the whole car was maybe from the loss of the basketball game

  2. Unknown Unknown

    Well she the car was sprayed with bullets
    But she was the only one to get hit by one bullet it seems a little suspicious .
    If there were any bullets inside the car it would’ve been from the outside but if no bullets where found it would’ve been one of the three or all three her bf her cousin her friend whatever she was pregnant so her might have killed her but she was shot on the chest not the stomach . There must’ve been any relation with someone and she cheated on him or it was her creepy ex who shot her from the outside but it would’ve been kinda hard unless he was tracking her but she was shot out of nowhere at that place . It couldn’t be a group of people because if it was everyone was going to be killed . I have more things to talk about . Please email me

    • Christine Christine

      Hi. Thanks for reading and for sharing your insights on the case. I lean more towards to Candice’s murder being gang-related and not a targeted killing. It could just be horrible “luck” that she was the only one injured in the vehicle. If you’d like to share more thoughts on the case our email is But also feel free to post them here like you already did. If you have any concrete information on the case, I urge you to contact the police, even if anonymously. Thanks again.

  3. Paul Thomason Paul Thomason

    Six shell casings, and the other associated murders I am assuming are similar in the number of casings. All of the other murders were in the same area, believed to be that of gang violence because of turf wars which would be exceedingly convenient. The fact all these murders took place in the same area is not a coincidence. It means the killer continued to returned to the scene of his previous murders. Which is a very obvious attribute of a sequence killer. The studies done on Son Of Sam for example revealed useful things in cases like this. He did very similar killings. Sometimes walking along the side of vehicles shooting into the windows, but he admitted he would return to the scene of his crimes all the time to relive the experience for some sort of sexual gratification. I believe with this case, there is one killer who is compulsive in his killings that is sophisticated enough to broaden the search for suspects due to the gang activity. Due to the number of other murders associated with this area in such small proximity, this sounds greatly like a sequence or serial killer who enjoys the gratification of returning to his crime scenes and instead of reliving the event, he kills again. These killing rarely cross racial lines, feelings of grandeur are in question as the media and public gives widespread attention to the murder. He will be watching the news, following the media, the public attention. All of this will become a badge of honor for him. It’s a method of asserting control over the city giving him the power and attention he desires. He may be involved with the gangs of the area, however these murders may not be directly linked to gang activity. I wish the authorities the best of luck in this investigation and I hope my opinion here can be of some help.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Paul. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to share your thoughts on this case. I haven’t seen anywhere that there were six shell casings also left behind at the scene of the other murders in the neighbourhood. Have you found that information somewhere? You offer an interesting theory about the sequence killer. Perhaps someone is using the gang violence in the area to stay under the radar. I do wonder if the killer is really after publicity and grandeur, as sadly killing Black people in a high-crime neighbourhood gets nowhere near the attention it should. These cases do get some coverage at the beginning, but then go relatively undiscussed. I’m especially intrigued by your idea that the killing may be done by someone with gang ties, but perhaps the murders are now being done for other more personally driven reasons. Fascinating thoughts, Paul, and I hope they help push the case forward. Or at the very least spark more discussion.

      • Paul Thomason Paul Thomason

        Yes it was in the report above about this murder >> Quote from first paragraph: “Even though police have surveillance footage from the area, six shell casings were found near the scene, and a number of people were in the area at the time of the shooting, the police do not have any suspects.” I meant with this specific murder, I don’t know how many at the other murders in the area. I should have specified. I don’t know if the killer has gang ties, but it certainly is possible given the type of crime activity in the area. I do know he chose these locations for these murders for a reason, perhaps only known to him, if he is responsible for the other murders but it seems too much like the serial killer cases I have studied before. Primarily Son Of Sam due his personal pattern of murder. Law enforcement agencies are extremely professional and resourceful in these kinds of things and it’s my firm belief that if this individual is a member of a known gang in the area, someone would have said something somewhere by now. Gang members are usually very well known among people in the community. I think he is smart and knows gang violence will be the first avenue of approach for law enforcement to find a potential suspect. He will be watching though. These killers often change their MO’s depending on the actions of the authorities. They all observe the same way. Ed Kemper himself admitted it and said it’s a compulsion you can’t ignore or avoid. It becomes an obsession.

        • Christine Christine

          Thanks for the clarification. I also mentioned the six shell casings in the article on the site, but I thought you had seen somewhere other crime scenes in the area also had that number. Regardless of whether or not the killer has a gang affiliation, I agree that they are watching the case coverage and authorities closely. I hope law enforcement knows more than they are saying (they often do keep details to themselves in order to protect the integrity of the case) and that there will be movement in this case soon. All it will take is one person who knows something to come forward. Thanks again!

          • Paul Thomason Paul Thomason

            Absolutely, it’s my pleasure. I love doing this stuff, it’s fascinating to me and in all the many cases like this, I want to help bring these poor suffering families some closure and peace. I’m not the best but I attempt to help any way I can.

  4. Xochitl D Hernandez Xochitl D Hernandez

    In my point of view, the bullet was for her. Maybe she was running from someone. Maybe that’s why she moved and didn’t know noone on the block. Her murderer was always watching her. Maybe it couldve be her neighbor. And honestly I’m not to detective or good at this. But the one who murder her was always watching her. It wasn’t a mistake, they were planning it

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Xochitl. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. An interesting theory, but still have a difficult time thinking Candice was targeted. She was shot while in the backseat of a vehicle filled with other people. Really, I wonder what the odds were she would even get hit? Maybe it was personal, and if so I hope the police will uncover that in their investigations. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Matt Matt

    I think its gang-related. Hear me out. Multiple people were killed on that same street and inches away from her death scene. Maybe the killers arent going after certain people but are going after people who step of their territory. Im not too sure. Im kinda new to this but u know its an idea i guess.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Matt. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. That is indeed a great insight and it’s talked about in the article. It’s a really high gang crime area, and it wouldn’t be surprising at all. Here’s hoping someone comes forward soon. Someone knows something! Take care.

  6. Raqueal Raqueal

    hi my name is raqueal and i have been in to true crimes for a minute and i have to say that i am truly invested in this one because some of this story isn’t putting together for me like how was she the only one shot and how like four other people die on that same street and those murders weren’t solved. But i just wanted to say maybe the police and investigators aren’t asking the right question or they aren’t looking into people who have a criminal history in that area

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Raqueal – Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I agree the investigators need to pursue every avenue. Here’s hoping Candice’s loved ones can get some sense of closure soon. Take care – Christine

  7. Octavia Aldine Octavia Aldine

    I love what I do and in my free time i like to study unsolved cases yet cant open them up without a crap ton of evidence and proper reasoning.
    The details you left are flawlessly displayed and when i have more time ill dig a little deeper.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Octavia. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I look forward to your thoughts! Take care.

  8. Keysi Keysi

    as i read the article i think it was a set up because why was she the only one who got shot and no one else did that is very suspicious which is so weird and i think it has to be with gang related maybe she was also trying to get away form someone its a very sad case as i read over it but its very sus how it only hit her hmm

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Keysi. Thanks for reading! It is indeed a strange case. Could it be more than a random killing? Maybe. I do hope the police know than they are sharing and that there’s a break in Candice’s case soon.

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