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The Unsolved Murder of Deanna Cremin

Justice For Deanna Cremin


Case File Overview

Deanna Cremin was murdered the night of March 29, 1995, in Somerville, Massachusetts. Deanna spent the evening with her boyfriend, Thomas (Tommy) LeBlanc. Tommy walked Deanna halfway home and turned back. She never made it home alive.

At roughly 8 a.m. the next morning, Deanna’s body was found by two girls Deanna had previously babysat. The body was behind a senior housing complex on Jaques Street, approximately a block from Deanna’s home.

Autopsy findings showed Deanna was strangled and sexually assaulted. She was murdered mere days after her seventeenth birthday.

Deanna Cremin, boyfriend Tommy LeBlanc & body location

Images of murder victim Deanna Cremin
Image source:

Deanna’s loved ones describe her as a fun girl with a terrific smile. She disliked being short, but made up for it with her magnetic personality. Deanna loved the colour purple and could enjoy half a dozen slices of Leone’s pizza in one sitting.

On the day of her death, Deanna completed a class assignment listing five goals. She included: graduating high school, finding an enjoyable job, purchasing a dark green convertible Mustang, and having a happy family.

Deanna classified her fifth goal, “To live long and healthy,” as the most important.

Deanna’s five important goals

Image of Deanna Cremin's last school assignment she completed before she was murdered: 5 goals
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Deanna’s murder remains unsolved.

Case File Theories

Local police have remained tight-lipped about the investigation. But Somerville mayor Joseph Curtatone wrote that there are three persons of interest in Deanna’s murder.

Below is an overview of the assumed persons of interest.

Murdered By A Fireman Stalker?

There’s been mention of Deanna being harassed, or even stalked, by an unnamed member of the Somerville Fire Department. Deanna’s friends told the police that this individual had recently taken a keen interest in Deanna. It’s unknown if this person was investigated and cleared.

Murdered By A Stranger?

Shortly after Deanna’s murder, authorities were on the lookout for an unidentified man seen near the location where her body was found. He was described as: between 175 cm (5’9) and 180 cm (5’11) and roughly 73-77 kg (160-170 lbs). It’s unclear if this person was identified or cleared.

Person of interest

person of interest sketch in Deanna Cremin murder case
Image source: Boston Globe

Murdered By Her Boyfriend?

Deanna’s family suspects her boyfriend, Tommy, was involved in her murder.

Katherine Cremin, Deanna’s mom, said it was unusual for Tommy not to walk Deanna to her door. He’d wait until she made it inside and call when he got home. This isn’t what happened on the night of Deanna’s murder. Tommy told police he only walked Deanna halfway home.

Deanna’s body was located within 145 m (475 ft) of where Tommy said they parted ways.

Deanna’s older sister, Christine, said Tommy “didn’t cooperate with the police.” She explained, “I just, I don’t, I don’t believe that he’s innocent.”

Tommy hasn’t been charged with Deanna’s murder. However, he remains a person of interest.

Deanna Cremin

Images of murder victim Deanna Cremin
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Who do you think murdered Deanna Cremin?

It’s been over 20 years since Deanna’s tragic murder. Nevertheless, police remain optimistic that there’ll be justice in the case. Captain James Donovan says that solving Deanna’s murder is “a top priority.’

Evidence has recently been reexamined using new forensic technology. Hopefully, this’ll help solve the case.

Deanna’s mom said, “She was just a good person and would have become a better person. Because of the person Deanna was, no one’s going to give up on getting justice for her.”

Let’s help attain justice for Deanna, a young woman who never had the opportunity “To live long and healthy.”

Anyone with information in this case should call 617-544-7167. There’s a $70,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.


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  1. Michael Michael

    Cheers, Good stuff!

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks very much!

  2. Bill Bill

    This one seems to beg for a forensic solve.

    If they found DNA or other biological evidence on her that doesn’t belong to the boyfriend, there’s a good chance that this evidence came from the killer. In that case, they just need to find the person who connects to the evidence. If there’s real evidence of the fireman stalking her, then they should be able to get a sample from him. If there’s not evidence of the stalking, then they would need to look for the stranger.

    Depending on how physical the relationship with the boyfriend was, there would almost certainly be evidence from him on her. His hairs, saliva, etc. would not mean that he attacked her. However, if his evidence was the only evidence, then I’d doubt that anyone else attacked her.

    Of course, we don’t know how thoroughly the police collected physical evidence back in 1995. If they did a poor job collecting the evidence, then there might not be anything there.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Bill. I do think DNA could make or break this case. But I think if they had viable evidence they could use it would already be done. Unless, as you mentioned, it was her boyfriend and his DNA should be there. Or the person was not in a database (but could he really stop at one?). Terrible for Deanna’s family. And her boyfriend, if he isn’t involved, to live under a cloud of suspicion.

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