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The Unsolved Murder of Devon Allaire-Bell

Case File Overview

19-year-old Devon Allaire-Bell spent his early evening playing soccer and drinking a couple of beers with his best friend Jack Nielsen on Easter Sunday in April 2011.

While kicking the ball around at Frank Hurt Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia, the pair was approached by two young men and a verbal altercation broke out over the soccer ball.

At first, Devon and Jack refused to give up the ball. Soon, however, three more men emerged from the bushes. Suddenly, the group began attacking Devon and Jack.

Jack attempted to protect Devon while the gang continuously kicked and stabbed the pair, but both Devon and Jack were stabbed multiple times, including Devon in the heart and Jack in the lungs.

Even though Jack had sustained life-threatening injuries, he managed to get back to his belongings and called 911.

Crime scene

Photo of Devon Allaire-Bell crime scene
Source: CTV News

After calling for help, Jack stumbled to Devon, cradled his best friend, and watched helplessly as he died in his arms.

Devon’s murder remains unsolved.

Case File Theories

There is only one theory in this case. Five young Indo-Canadian men, believed to be in their late teens or early twenties, brutally murdered Devon and seriously injured his friend Jack on April 24th, 2011.

This case remains unsolved even though there is a copious amount of evidence.

For instance, there is video of the five suspects approaching and leaving the scene of the crime.

The video footage shows the five suspects “cutting through an Esso gas station on their way to the school, passing through a McDonalds restaurant on 72nd just west of King George Boulevard. Police noted at the time that one suspect had a unique marine-style haircut, with the sides and back shaved and a small amount of hair on top.” Keep in mind, though, years have passed since Devon’s murder and no doubt the suspects look quite different today.

There are also pretty good stills of the suspects taken from the video, as seen below. If I knew any of these individuals, I would recognize them from this close-up of an image. Someone must know them and be aware that they usually hung out together in that neighbourhood.

Suspects in Devon’s murder

still photo of footage of suspects in Devon Allaire-Bell murder
Source: Global News

If anyone does recognize one of the suspects, they should set aside whatever loyalties they might have and contact the authorities. Devon and Jack’s loved ones deserve answers.

I also would be astonished if not a single one of the suspects had confided in a friend or family member about what took place. What are the odds of five people keeping this big of a secret for all of these years? Usually even one person has a tough time keeping a secret of this magnitude. All it might take to close this case is someone who knows something to come forward.

Devon Allaire-Bell

Photo of murder victim Devon Allaire-Bell
Source: Trendsmap

Cpl. Frank Jang told the media that “the police have spoken to many people in the investigation. However, officers still haven’t identified all of the suspects.” I think the police have a good idea of the identity of at least some of the attackers, but still need more details before they are willing to go ahead with charges.

Do you know who killed Devon?

Devon’s parents, Wayne Bell and Cynthia Allaire-Bell, worked with members of the community to change the once unnamed park that served as the route for Devon’s killers into what is now known as Frank Hurt Park. To honour Devon, the park was transformed from an overgrown nightmare “strewn with needles, condoms, blankets and discarded clothing” into a welcoming outdoor space offering numerous amenities, including wooded walking paths, a field and playground, and even a parkour course.

Frank Hurt Park

Photo of Frank Hurt Park

Devon’s loved ones and the Surrey community continue to seek justice for Devon. Devon’s mom sent a message to the public through the media, stating “I plead with you for help. Help to find justice for Devon and that this never happens to another.”

Wayne Bell and Cynthia Allaire-Bell

photo of Cynthia Allaire-Bell and Wayne Bell
Source: Surrey-Now Leader

If you have any information about Devon’s murder, please call the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team at 1-877-551-4448 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 to remain anonymous.

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  1. andrea andrea

    its been what seven years since his murder. those people who stabbed him will have guilt, and one of them will crack and come through with the truth on why they killed devon. what they did was wrong and the truth will come out one day from one of those men who stabbed him.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Andrea. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I sure hope you’re right. Devon’s loved ones deserve answers.

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