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The Disappearance of Fariba Amani

The Disappearance of Fariba Amani


Case File Overview


On February 29th, 2012 Fariba Amani disappeared. Fariba, a 47-year-old mother of two, was from Vancouver, Canada. She disappeared somewhere on the high seas between the Bahamas and Florida.

Fariba was enjoying a Bahamas Celebration cruise with her boyfriend, Ramiz Golshani, when she vanished without a trace from the ship.

Ramiz said he last saw Fariba at the gift shop on the ship at approximately 1 am. After that, he headed to the casino on his own. After he spent some time there, Ramiz returned to their cabin. He noted that Fariba was not there and fell asleep. At around 7 am the next morning the ship reached the Port of Palm Beach. Ramiz awoke and spent an hour searching for Fariba. When he couldn’t locate her, he alerted the crew who also searched the ship to no avail.

Officials stated that Fariba was on the ship when it left the Bahamas on February 28th. Passengers must swipe a card to board the ship, and Fariba’s card was used. Also, I imagine it’s likely they have security footage of her boarding the ship.

The police and the FBI launched an investigation into Fariba’s disappearance. They searched the ship from top to bottom. An 84-hour, 10,000 square mile Coast Guard search was even conducted.

No surveillance footage of Fariba on the night in question has been released. But I think we can assume that a cruise ship in 2012 had plenty of surveillance.

Fariba’s whereabouts and the cause of her disappearance remain unknown.

Fariba Amani

Image of missing person Fariba Amani
Image source: Missing person Facebook page


Case File Theories



Did Fariba kill herself by jumping to her death off of the ship? I think this is an unlikely explanation for her disappearance. Fariba’s family, boyfriend, and investigators didn’t suggest that she was suicidal. We need to remember, though, that it’s not always possible to know if someone intends on taking their life. Regardless, I don’t buy that Fariba killed herself.

Accidental Death

Did Fariba drink too much and fall overboard? Through my research, I was stunned to learn how many people get drunk on cruise ships and topple over railings into the ocean. I can’t help but wonder why the heck cruise lines don’t make higher railings. Or stop serving liquor to passengers before they become dangerously drunk. Anyways, according to Fariba’s sister, Saloumeh, she never drank alcohol. Therefore, there was no way that she became drunk, fell overboard, and died. Also, both Fariba’s boyfriend and the authorities made no mention that Fariba was drunk. Given all of this, I’d say we can rule out accidental death.


Was Fariba killed by a stranger?

It’s possible but unlikely that Fariba crossed paths with a killer on the cruise. Hypothetically, she could have been sexually assaulted and killed by a crew member or a passenger. And I think that a crew member would know better than another passenger how to avoid any ship surveillance. Little credence, however, is given to this theory by investigators.

Was Fariba murdered by her boyfriend?

Many people believe that Fariba was murdered by her boyfriend, Ramiz. This seems to be a possible scenario.

Ramiz Golshani

Image of Ramiz Golshani
Image source: missing person Facebook page

At the time of Fariba’s disappearance, she’d been dating Ramiz for eight months. After she vanished, Ramiz never contacted Fariba’s family. Before the cruise, Fariba told her sister that her relationship with Ramiz was deteriorating. Farbia believed he was cheating on her. She visited private investigator Tom Dolo to discuss putting Ramiz under surveillance. Tom explained that Fariba “said her boyfriend was extremely controlling and needed to know every move, every minute of the day where she was.” Before she left on the cruise, Fariba told her family she didn’t hire Tom because she feared how Ramiz would react if he found out. Fariba’s sister, Saloumeh, stated that Fariba felt the cruise was a last-ditch attempt to salvage the relationship.

Ramiz insists that he played no part in Farbia’s disappearance. He told reporters, “I am missing a loved one. Both families love her. We want her safe back home right now.” Authorities haven’t named Ramiz as a suspect. They’ll only say that the investigation is “ongoing”. Ramiz maintains that the FBI has cleared him of any wrongdoing.

What do you think happened to Fariba?

Fariba’s family still hopes to learn what happened to her. There’s even a family Facebook page dedicated to discovering the truth.

If you have any information about this case and can help bring Fariba’s family and friends some sense of closure, please follow these links and contact either the RCMP or the FBI with your tip.

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  1. Gracie Gracie

    I wonder why they dismissed that another passenger may be responsible for her disappearance. If Ramiz was so controlling over her every move, you would think that he would have been a little more concerned with her whereabouts after he left the casino. Also, if this was a last attempt at making this relationship work, wouldn’t he want to be spending his time with her? It would definitely be helpful to know if there was any viable camera surveillance to help create a timeline. Or, with so many passengers on board, wouldn’t someone see something? This is a very baffling case. About the only thing I can somewhat be sure about is that she was thrown overboard. I can’t see Fariba sneaking off of the ship. Very heartbreaking!

    • Christine Christine

      I agree on all counts. I’m nearly positive Fariba didn’t leave the ship of her own accord. It likely comes down to her boyfriend, a passenger, or crew member being involved in her disappearance. You’d think there must be surveillance that the public just isn’t being informed of. I hope her family gets some sense of closure one day. After researching this case and learning about the unexplained disappearances that occur on cruise ships every year, I’ll now think twice before ever taking another cruise!

  2. Michael Schneider Michael Schneider

    Why would he leave her at the gift shop, and go to casino by himself? He never contacted family after trip. I hear this too much on ships, they need a way more robust camera system to monitor moves of passengers. We need to exploit the technology that we have to the highest level, maybe even tracking all passengers movements somehow. Sounds like the BF did it.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Michael. I couldn’t agree more that cruise ships need as much security as possible. And like you, I’d be shocked if her partner wasn’t involved. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment!

  3. What did the heck happen to Fariba? Her disappearance has been laying around for about 9 years. Someone knows something. There are plenty of cameras on cruise ships. I don’t know how there’s no surveillance footage of Fariba. Ramiz probably killed her. When Ramiz went to their cabin and Fariba was not there, he should’ve looked for her right away! Not fall asleep!!! He must’ve been responsible for her mysterious disappearance.
    This is so sad.
    Moral of the story: Don’t go on a cruise with someone you quarrel with.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Audrey. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes this is a terribly sad case. I think most of us are quite sure what happened to Fariba. But it seems if there isn’t great surveillance it’s easy to kill someone on a cruise ship and get away with it. I can’t even imagine what her family has been through. Hopefully there is some kind of closure one day.

  4. Andrey Andrey

    Yes, she must have been murdered by someone. My dream is to go on a cruise, but by knowing about this case, it feels like my dreams have been shattered. I’m really afraid to go on one. I feel like if there were more surveillance cameras on the ship, this case wouldn’t be so impossible to solve. However, there is a very small chance of seeing Fariba Amani alive again. Is the FBI still investigating? If you possibly have an answer regarding her disappearance, please let me know, I’m curious.

    • Christine Christine

      I agree on all counts! Throw in a pandemic as well and you won’t get me back on a cruise anytime soon. There hasn’t been an update in the case in a long time. I’m not sure if the FBI is still investigating. I hope so, but I suspect they have little evidence to look into other than what they have. And that isn’t enough to charge someone sadly. Take care and thanks again for reading.

  5. Andrey Andrey

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Christine. The pandemic did ruin everything. One day, when you least expect it, Fariba will be back. I bet her family will be very happy when they get an answer. I hope the FBI knows more than they say. There are possible answers. Her family probably has more info about this case than us. Fariba Amani will be back one day.

  6. Andrey Andrey

    “Fariba Amani, 47 – Suicide Overboard, Bahamas Celebration Passenger, February 29, 2012, Time of Death 9:25.”
    These are the answers I got.

  7. Aleister Aleister

    Amazing. People blow my mind with the stupidity. I know this comment will be deleted but I just had to say it.

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