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The Unsolved Murder of Lindsay Buziak

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Case File Overview

24-year-old Lindsay Buziak was murdered at approximately 5:40 pm on February 2, 2008. Lindsay, a realtor for ReMax Camosun, was showing a $1 million home in Saanich, BC at 1702 De Sousa Place.

Location of the murder

Image of the house where Lindsay Buziak's body was found
Image source: Lindsay Buziak Murder website

Lindsay’s body was found in an upstairs bedroom. She’d been stabbed multiple times and likely attacked from behind.

Investigators at the scene 

Investigation of Lindsay Buziak crime scene
Image source: CBC News

Police said the young realtor was lured to the home for a property showing by an unknown couple: a Caucasian woman, 35 to 45 years old with short blond hair, and a male, believed to be Caucasian, 183 cm. tall (six ft.) with dark hair.

Sketch of the female suspect

Image of suspect in Lindsay Buziak murder
Image source: Lindsay Buziak Murder website

Style of dress worn by female suspect

Image of style of dress worn by Lindsay Buziak murder suspect
Image source: Lindsay Buziak Murder website

Authorities explained that the unidentified couple made the appointment using a cellphone bought in Vancouver, BC under the false name Paulo Rodriguez. The burner phone was “used exclusively for this crime,” police said.

Lindsay’s notes after communicating with her murderers

Image of Lindsay Buziak's planner on the day of her murder
Image source: Lindsay Buziak Murder website

Lindsay’s boyfriend, Jason Zailo, also a realtor, came to meet her at the house after the appointment. When she didn’t respond to his text messages, he called 911. Then, he and a friend entered the home and discovered Lindsay’s body. Again, 911 was called to report the murder.

Here is a short video showing a re-enactment offered by Lindsay’s boyfriend, Jason, inside 1702 De Sousa Place: the scene of the crime.

Lindsay’s murder remains unsolved.

Case File Theories

Lindsay Buziak

Image of murdered realtor Lindsay Buziak
Image source: National Post

Murdered By Serial Killers

At one point, authorities somewhat flippantly mentioned that perhaps the unidentified couple that murdered Lindsay travels the world killing young realtors. No evidence has ever been put forward to prove this claim. And I think this is the least likely case file theory.

Case Of Mistaken Identity

Police have also stated that Lindsay may have been mistakenly targeted by professional contract killers. They explained that they were reluctant to state this theory early in the case in fear that if the killers knew they’d killed the wrong person someone else might be placed in danger. In my opinion, this seems almost as preposterous as the suggestion that Lindsay was killed by a roving duo of serial killers who target realtors. Lindsay’s murder was so well-orchestrated, it’s doubtful her killers got the wrong woman. Moreover, you’d think that if it was a hired hit, whoever paid for the hit would’ve definitely mentioned to the killers right after the murder that they’d killed the wrong person. Why, then, did the police hold this theory back? I really have no idea.

Murdered By Someone She Knew

A website managed by Lindsay’s father, Jeff Buziak, presents an elaborate network of persons of interest that may have participated in Lindsay’s murder. This list includes Lindsay’s boyfriend, Jason. Jeff also connects Lindsay’s murder to a Calgary, AB drug case.

Saanich police, however, have made it clear that they believe Lindsay had no connections to the drug trade or the criminal underworld. Authorities have also cleared Lindsay’s boyfriend of any wrongdoing.

The police explained, “There is nothing in her life — and we’ve conducted an extensive background [check] — that would indicate that she was involved in anything criminal, in anything of a domestic violence relationship, and that is the most perplexing thing.”

Lindsay’s father seems convinced that someone Lindsay knew hired a team of killers to murder his daughter. A detailed overview of the timeline and suspicions put forth by Lindsay’s father reveal the complexities of this case. I suggest you explore the website. Although it lacks links to recent articles on the case, it provides plenty of older articles, a variety of theories and suspects, and detailed information about the murder.

Although I’m not quite sure how it all transpired, something about this case file theory seems to make the most sense. Like Lindsay’s father, I strongly suspect that someone Lindsay knew hired the unidentified couple to murder her.

Who do you think murdered Lindsay?

UPDATE: In August 2017, someone anonymously posted the following message on the website devoted to solving Lindsay’s murder:

“I killed Lindsey and stupid cops will never prove it so you all got nothin. No one gives a shit anymore anyhow except her crybaby dad. Even her fakey girlfriends have washed it away. Typical loser chicks. Sanich cops dropped it cause they can’t solve shit and were told to drop it. Cut the phoney investigation. It’s done. Go home losers. Forget about her. The street always rules. Bitches die every day.”

Lindsay’s dad felt a glimmer of hope upon receiving this taunting message. He said, “This is the first time we’ve had somebody step up, and claim they are responsible for the murder. I’ve asked for that from the beginning that the coward should step forward. And maybe this coward has decided to take responsibility for it. So hopefully Saanich police figure that out.”

Authorities in charge of the case have stated they’re aware of the website and of the post taking responsibility for Lindsay’s murder. However, they’ll not comment further on the open investigation.

I think it’s important to note that the person who took responsibility for Lindsay’s murder on the website misspelled her name. Does this suggest the post is nothing but a prank? I’m not sure, but I hope that the police thoroughly look into this new lead, regardless. Lindsay and her family deserve justice.

There is currently a $500,000 reward in this case. If you have any information please contact the Saanich police at 250-475-4313 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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  1. Gracie Gracie

    This is a case that one would think, should be easy to solve. However, there are so many complexities to Lindsay’s case. Jason Zailo, (Lindsay’s boyfriend), was the number one suspect. After listening to the podcast and other resources, I came up with more questions than answers. It does seem that all people involved are affiliated in one way or another. The x boyfriend, Matt McDuff and his twin brother Malcolm are friends with the Deliakazar brothers Ericson, Edwardson, Jefferson, Alkison and Emison. All of these brothers have criminal records. The Deliakazar (not sure if I am spelling this right), have two uncles, Antonio Lopez and Sorelo Lopez. Other friends of the Deliakazar brothers are Edgar Assavito, also known as “Vid” and Zackary Scott Matheson, also known as “Ziggy”. Ziggy also has an extensive criminal record involving drugs one involving the murder of his x girlfriend Shannon and her new boyfriend Kevin Black. When Lindsay went to visit her father in Calgary on Dec. 2007, she told him that she planned on leaving Jason. She also told her father that she seen something that she should not have seen, but did not elaborate any further. I think she did call Ziggy during her visit with her father. Jan. 28, 2008, there was a bust in Calgary with police seizing 80 kilos of drugs with a street value of 8 million dollars. Charges were laid on the Delialkazar brothers. In 2013, cops seize drugs etc. from three locations. Charges are made against Ziggy Matheson who just happens to have been residing in a house owned by Shirley Zailo, (Jasons mother) for 5 years. Would this not mean that Ziggy was renting on or around the time of Lindsay’s murder. That would also mean that Jason would have also known him. Ziggy actually played hockey with Jason and his brother Ryan and also hung out together. Now, we have all of these people connected in one way or another. The murder was well planed and carefully orchestrated. From the purchase of the burner phone which was activated 11 days after the drug bust in Calgary. Now, Jason knew that Lindsay was very apprehensive on going alone to this showing. However, after eating at the Source together and leaving at 4:24 p.m., he decides to go to an auto shop (SHC) to work out some deal while Lindsay goes home to change clothes. He leaves with his mortgage associate Colin at 5:30 p.m. and texts Lindsay that he is 10-15 minutes away. I did find it odd that Jason looked directly into the security camera. Colin also later revealed that Jason never did tell him that he had to go to his girlfriends showing. Jason cannot find the location, so he calls his brother Ryan for directions. Jason texts Lindsay at 5:38 p.m. that he is only a few minutes away arriving at De Sousa Place. That text is not answered. They finally arrive at 5:45 p.m. A pocket call goes out off Lindsay’s phone at 5:41 p.m. which is the time police feel she was being attacked. The podcast said that Lindsay was stabbed over 40 times and her throat slashed, yet investigating officer says autopsy results were never released. The burn phone was never used after the meeting with the couple. Seems odd also that the blonde female wore such a fancy dress and the man had on a light coloured suit. If it was a stabbing, there would be visible blood all over their clothes. The attack was in a very short time frame of approximately 3 minutes. Now, one podcast says the man could be seen leaving out the front door then closed it. Jason says he saw silhouettes of figures through the opaque glass window. He waited 10 minute parked facing away from the house then he turned right onto Tourqay Drive (not sure of spelling), and waited another 10 minutes. This means Lindsay was in the home at least one half hour without Jason going to the door to check on her. I also wondered who kicked in the three boards on the back fence Made for an easy get away for a woman in a dress. You would think there would be blood evidence there. Joe De Sousa was the land developer who built the house of the showing and was building another right beside it. Work ended at 5:00 p.m., half hour before the showing Coincidence? After the murder Joe got Brad Hickford as a lawyer. Coincidentally, the same lawyer as Ziggy got for the drug charges. There is a lot here that I have failed to mention because the case is very complicated. Did Jason and his mother Shirley plan it? She was quite wealthy buying them a 1.3 million dollar home and she and her sons did know Ziggy. Jason did know that Lindsay wanted to leave him. Was it a jealous broker? Lindsay was a very beautiful girl with a bright future. Was it to do with the drug deal and what did Lindsay see? I do feel that she was definitely targeted and it was murder for hire, but by whom? I am quite certain that their are people close to this case that know the answers. Could just be afraid to come forth because of fear. I do hope her father Jeff and family get the answers they so rightfully deserve and the guilty parties are brought to justice for this meaningless, senseless crime!

    • Christine Christine

      Sorry for the delayed reply! My week sure got away from me. I can’t agree enough that this is a tremendously complex case: so many people involved and a lot of moving parts. I can tell you sure did your research, especially on the family website. The information there generates a rabbit hole that is easy to get lost in for hours. I couldn’t include all of these details in the post for the sake of length, but I hoped that people would do exactly what you did and go explore the website and articles on their own. You ask plenty of good questions that I wish we knew the answer to. I really hope Lindsay’s family can get some kind of justice for Lindsay’s murder. What a tragic loss. And how terrifying this must be for all realtors out there, as well. Like you, I’m pretty sure people close to Lindsay have at least some idea of what happened. My fingers are crossed that this latest “confession” in the case, whether fake or not, brings Lindsay’s murder once again into the spotlight and helps it get solved.

    • murder in saanich murder in saanich

      [Moderator’s note: this comment has been edited so it’s more in line with the congenial spirit of our true crime community]

      For clarification purposes go to Pay particular attention to what Sgt. Horsley says about the witch hunt that is taking place. He was interviewed on Crime Watch Daily June of this year. Erickson Delalcazar was busted January 22, 2008, NOT January 28th as Grace states. Gossip and rumors don’t solve cases. Justice for Lindsay!!!

      • Christine Christine

        We sure appreciate you taking the time to provide a new point of view to this complex case! We’ll be sure to check out the links. Interesting to note the difference in the Erickson Delalcazar dates and Sgt. Horsley’s comments. Thanks again for your contribution!

    • Jane Jane

      I don’t think his mortgage associate was called Colin.

    • SDX SDX

      The boyfriend had a hand in it no doubt. Truth will eventually come to fruition. Bless her sweet soul. She is in a much better place. SDX. X

  2. Gracie Gracie

    I also failed to mention that Jason’s brother Ryan went out with a girl named Ashley whose sister Michelle only lived a block and a half from the crime scene. She was also known to sport a short blonde wig.

    • Christine Christine

      This does seem like quite the coincidence!

    • murder in saanich murder in saanich

      [Moderator’s note: this comment has been edited so it’s more in line with the congenial spirit of our true crime community]

      That is not true. Ashely wore a wig on one occasion which was to a Halloween party. The majority of people who dress up for halloween wear wigs….lol. Lindsay wore a short blonde wig to a Halloween party too. I have a picture of it.

      • Christine Christine

        Thanks for the details about the case. Knowing this information, dressing in a costume once with a blonde wig does not a suspect make.

        • murder in saanich murder in saanich

          Christine, you’re very welcome and thanks for approving my posts. Very much appreciated.

    • Lauren Lauren

      She sports a blonde wig? does the sketch of the woman look like the person you are stating sports a blonde wig? Have you seen her wear the blonde wig? Do others say the sketch and the person you are referring to look alike? Details not not just a comment.

      • Christine Christine

        Thanks for reading and commenting. Gracie was commenting based on coverage offered by some media outlets and the Buziak family’s website. Have a great weekend.

  3. Paul Paul

    I’m like the father I Belgrave the boyfriend DiD it . Why would he wait out side the house when she asked him to be with her . And why would he run to the master bedroom . He must of know that the killers was done to be trying to get in the house and why would the killers lock the front door must been the clue that his girl friend she was dead so the boy friend would know . Was numbers on the killers call list include the boy friend’s phone number ? Or form where the boy friend was at before the murder ?

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Paul – Thanks for your insights. Like you, I believe Lindsay’s murder was orchestrated by someone she knew, perhaps her boyfriend. The police have stated that he isn’t a person of interest though, which I find surprising. This leads me to believe the police might have evidence they aren’t releasing. Great ideas about the call logs. I sure wish the police released that info. If there was that kind of blatant evidence, I would hope the police wouldn’t have cleared the boyfriend…but I guess you never know! Thanks again for your thoughts.

  4. Michelle K. Michelle K.

    I hope for the family that they solve this case so they can have some peace. I wonder if the ex-boyfriend or current boyfriend were the real target. Maybe they were involved in something (drugs etc) and they killed her as a way to get back at one of them. Just a thought.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Michelle – thanks for your comment. Great point! If someone Lindsay knew was the actual target it could help explain why she was brutally murdered for what appears to be no reason. Like you, my heart aches for her family, and I sure hope they one day find at least some sense of closure. Take care and have a great weekend.

  5. Valerie Valerie

    I didn’t see any notes about Matt’s girlfriend, who is now his wife according to Dateline. I can’t help but think she was involved, especially when Lindsay’s dad said Lindsay missed being with Matt. I agree it was well planned and personal. They knew the exact scenario to get Lindsay alone and they didn’t use the burner phone to call anyone else involved. That many stab wounds usually indicates personal anger.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Valerie. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to share your insights. Matt’s girlfriend could have been involved. It is hard to really know. But I do believe this was personal: so much violence and extensive planning. I have a feeling the police might suspect who is involved but don’t have enough information to press charges. Hopefully as this case gets more and more publicity something new will come out or someone will talk and things will change. Thanks again!

  6. Bill Bill

    I’ve now watched the video you linked and two other videos that came up in the recommended videos associated with that video. People seem to have done a great deal of speculation about very little evidence. No one seems to talk about the evidence that would seem most important. Maybe the family’s website would go into those details, but I need to write these thoughts and get back to other things.

    One of the questions is how the people who called the victim got her number. She asked them, and the woman gave a reference. The victim called the person, but the person was out of town. The victim decided to go ahead with the showing even though she wasn’t able to check out the reference.

    To me, the first question that anyone needs to answer is whether the person that the mystery couple referenced really knew someone of the name that the couple gave the victim. So far, I haven’t found anything to say what name the couple gave the victim to decoy her to the house. I assume that the victim made note of the name and that the police have done some kind of investigating, but no one talks about that point. Assuming the couple gave a completely false name, they must have somehow known that the reference they gave would be out of town and not available for the victim to reach. If she’d gotten hold of the reference and he/she had said, “I’ve never heard of that couple,” then the whole scheme would have collapsed. If the reference knew someone by that name, then the police must have checked out that couple. The problem with using the name of a real couple is that the killers wouldn’t know whether the victim had met that couple at some event somewhere.

    They talk about multiple stab wounds, but no one discusses what other forensics were involved. Some places have claimed that there were almost forty stab wounds. Forty stab wounds would leave a mess. I can’t believe that the killers wouldn’t both have the victim’s blood dripping from their bodies as they left the house, but there’s no talk of blood evidence. They didn’t have time to clean themselves thoroughly. Maybe they could have put on gloves after the killing to keep from leaving bloody fingerprints, but the timing still seems difficult.

    The eyewitnesses described the two people who met with the victim in the driveway, so those two people almost had to be involved. At least their presence is real evidence by neighbors who didn’t appear to have any incentive for making up a story. I assume that forensics gave some idea of how big a blade was used to stab the victim. I assume that the witnesses were questioned about whether one or both people who met the victim outside the house was dressed in a way that this weapon could be concealed.

    If the police were too incompetent to look at any of these questions, then the case is probably lost forever. If the police have looked at these questions but having found answers that point to anyone, then the police may be withholding this information for a reason. I don’t question the police on their reason.

    Everything else is just a soap opera script.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Bill. This case is indeed awash in speculation. In part because the police have released very little information and also because it is quite a mystifying case (at least with what little we know). The family’s website IS NOT the place to go if you want to avoid speculation, believe me. You’re right: figuring out who the reference is would be crucial. I have a feeling the police have done this and have opted not to pass on the information, but who knows. If you like podcasts, give the recent coverage of the case by True Crime Garage a listen. They did a two-parter on the case and talk about the wounds and many of the other things you mention. After doing more research lately, I am leaning towards her murder being a professional hit organized by people connected to her ex-boyfriend (drugs, of course, are involved). But I am not sure. I could still be convinced otherwise. Here’s a link to the podcast:

  7. J. Stafford J. Stafford

    Kelly James Toop is being allowed unescorted parole. He has a wife that he married whilst in prison.

  8. Tom Tom

    Thank you for writing about this difficult case. It’s really sad it still has not been solved, although from what I’ve read police have an idea of who was involved. There is a great deal written online about this case, and much of it is speculation. It appears most speculation centers on he Zailo family and their possible involvement, even though the police have said they are no longer suspects, and that they cooperated fully with the investigation. The police have followed the trail that it was a drug gang revenge murder, and are still on that trail. I find much of the speculation around the Zailos to be in very bad taste, and some of it probably is legally slander.

    There have been a few interesting recent events regarding solving this crime. The first I want to mention relates to Rianne Gracia, whom many think is the likely person inside the real estate office who gave information to the gang that presumably had Lindsay killed. She stopped cooperating with police early on, quit that job after the murder, and has refused to take a lie detector test. A former Canadian LE Garry Rodgers for a while had an excellent blog about this crime (he’s now taken it down due to all the drama surrounding the crime). Garry called out Rianne on his site, asked her to cooperate with the police, and promised to work out a deal if she agreed to tell what she knows, as well as provide her protection. While it was well meaning, she apparently wanted to be left alone, and sued him for harassment. I don’t know what happened with that. However, it’s interesting that a man who is former LE, and who was meticulous in interviewing many people connected to the events, was quite certain Rianne had involvement, and helped set up Lindsay. The police are very interested in her as well, and have pressed her over the years to answer more questions.

    Interestingly, in the past year or so, some previously confidential information about the case has been released. A few things I saw reported were that there were actually two burner phones used in the crime, and that the police know more about the phones than previously told. They may even know who purchased them, not that that’s enough to convict anyone of murder. There are mentions of police more recently using advancements in forensic technology at the crime scene, but I haven’t heard there were any significant results. Sadly it still looks like they need someone to talk, or further advancement in forensic technology that would allow them more crime scene evidence.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Tom. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to share your in sights. I agree… this is one tough and heartbreaking case. Also, like you, I suspect the police have a pretty good idea who is behind Lindsay’s terrible murder but just can’t prove it (yet, I hope). That’s very interesting information that Rianne Gracia wasn’t willing to cooperate with authorities – I appreciate you sharing it with our readers! I think it’s interesting more and more information is being released about the case (e.g. the burner phones). Perhaps the police are looking for just a few more missing pieces before they can take action. Here’s hoping one day soon Lindsay’s loved ones can get some semblance of justice. Take care ~ Christine

  9. The supposed person who he said did the murder needs fuel to keep his mind operating. How tough could you be to sucker stab a female who is obviously trying to make a living. Seems this guy has a short in his goofy head and he seems to have copied the writing style of Terry Driver years past. Anyway it’s just a matter of time when the stupid fall over their feet, and the story ends there.

  10. One of the questions is how the killers who called Lindsay got her number. She asked them, and the co-defendant gave a reference. Lindsay called the person, but the person was out of town. The victim decided to go ahead with the showing even though she wasn’t able to check out the reference. So there was inside (scrutiny by someone that worked with Lindsay.) Maybe that is why the woman doesn’t want to give a polygraph. If such is true tell the police, there is not guilty intent.

  11. Tom Tom

    Hi, I don’t know if this offers any insight or just drama, but Lindsay’s father is now being sued for slander by Shirley Zailo, the mother of her boyfriend. He and others have accused her of murder enough times, and it has harmed her life, as you’d imagine. Shirley said she’d held off on suing him because he is the father of the victim, but it just became too much. Having read his website, I am not surprised he is getting sued

    On another note, there are some interesting comments by people who work in real estate on how you keep safe and avoid possible attacks. Meeting at the office first, and getting a potential client’s information is probably number one. They also offer some good tactics on the spot, if you’re at the house already. I know in any case I’d want to be armed.

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