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The Unsolved Murder of Lisa Leckie

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Case File Overview

On Tuesday, March 24, 2009, shortly before 7:00 am, Lisa Marie Leckie’s (Johnson) body was discovered by her common-law husband Derek Stacey after he returned home from working the nightshift.

Lisa was only 25 years old at the time of the murder.

The murder occurred in the family home located at #314 – 390 Southdale Rd East, London, Ontario.

Location of the crime scene

Location of Lisa Leckie's murder.
Source: Google Maps

Lisa’s 8-month-old son, Rain, was thankfully found safe in his crib, and her other son Sean, 8 years old, was at the home of his father, Phil Leckie.

Lisa’s death was ruled a homicide by the London Police Service. It was eventually released that Leckie had been asphyxiated.

Case File Theories

Current or Former Partner Killed Lisa

Ex-husband Phil Leckie

Murdered women are often killed by people they know. While still in high school, Lisa and Phil married. They split up more than a year before Lisa’s murder, and the couple had one son together: 8-year-old Sean.

Phil rarely speaks about Lisa. However, after her murder he explained, “Me and Sean are trying to move on with our lives and it’s been really tough.” There appears to have been no hard feelings between Lisa and Phil. In fact, Phil seemed quite torn up about Lisa’s death.  Phil told the media, “This is my son’s mother, and we all loved her and she was a huge part of our lives.” The police have not yet publicly cleared Phil of any involvement in Lisa’s death.

Common-law Partner Derek Stacey

There is little information out there about Derek and Lisa’s relationship. By all accounts, however, Lisa was a happy and loving young mother. I was not able to find any public statements made by Derek after Lisa’s murder. Derek did call police after discovering Lisa’s body. But as I previously mentioned, murdered women are typically killed by someone they know.

The police are playing it very close to vest in this investigation. Detective Trish McIntyre stated, “We can’t afford to have anything compromise the investigation.” For example, no time of death has been released, so it is hard to know if Derek was definitely at work at the time of Lisa’s murder. It is, though, difficult to believe he murdered his child’s mother in front of his child and then left his baby alone with Lisa’s dead body so he could pretend to stumble upon the horrific scene later. Like Phil, however, the police refuse to clear Derek in Lisa’s death.

The Note

The police recently revealed that a type-written note was found at the murder scene. The contents of the note lead them to believe Lisa was murdered by someone she knew. Although what exactly the note said is not yet being released to the public, Det. Sgt. Alex Krygsman explained the note was written on “an old ‘impact-style model’ typewriter with a fabric ribbon — something that would have been unusual even a decade ago.” The authorities hope this information could spark someone’s memory and generate a much-needed tip.

Stranger Killing

Lisa could have been murdered by a stranger. No information has been released regarding if there was forced entry into her home, if she was sexually assaulted, or if there were any signs of robbery.

In June 2010, almost 15 months after Lisa’s murder, the police released information about a “potential witness.” The witness is said to be 5’10”, about 200 pounds, and not a suspect. He was seen in the area of Lisa’s apartment the night before her body was found.

Photo of Potential Witness

Photo of person of interest in Lisa Leckie case
Source: CBC News

Sadly, the police have not had any luck locating the mystery man and are still seeking the public’s assistance.

Who do you think murdered Lisa?

I have a feeling the police have a strong suspicion about who murdered Lisa but do not yet have enough for a conviction.

Lisa’s family has worked tirelessly to keep her case alive. For example, Lisa’s mother Cheryl McCullough even sold hoodies and sweatshirts with the message “Not Knowing is the Real Nightmare” to remind people about the case.

Cheryl heartbreakingly calls the time since her daughter’s murder a “living hell.”

Lisa’s son Sean, now a college student, has made a video appeal hoping that someone will come forward with information to help solve his mother’s murder.

The London police are not giving up on Lisa and have showcased her case on their website. Det. Sgt. Krygsman told the media the case is “open and active,” with over 300 interviews having been conducted so far.

Anyone with information about the case should contact the police at 519-661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Lisa Leckie 

Image of cold case murder victim Lisa Leckie
Source: London Free Press

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  1. I feel that it was very likely that she was raped as well as strangled. Those two seem to go hand in hand, the sense of power these sick bastards get from inducing fear in a defenseless woman. BUT if she was raped (and the apartment wasn’t robbed) then Derek would be my number #1 suspect for sure. I sure would love one of those hoodies. Great Case, please keep up updated on any breaks.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Erica. A sad but likely observation. If that is the case, I hope investigators have lots of DNA evidence that they aren’t letting the public know about. Mind you, if they have DNA evidence you’d think they’d quickly rule out Lisa’a ex and current partner. I’ll definitely let you know if I hear about a break in the case. The hoodie idea is awesome. I just searched online for you in hopes that I could send you a link, but sadly it looks like they aren’t available anymore. Hope you have a great day.

    • Eileen Howard Eileen Howard

      I am a family member, Lisa was not raped, nothing was stolen, they found her with a green garbage bag over her head. this information is from what Mr. Stacey saw on his arrival home from work. They say their was a type written note that said something like “keep the blood clean” typed on a typewriter not a computer.

      • Christine Christine

        Hi Eileen. Thank you for taking the time to comment. My very heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. I appreciate you sharing that Lisa wasn’t raped and that nothing was stolen. This makes me lean towards the perpetrator being someone that she knew. The garbage bag and type-written note details are information that I never found in my research, and hopefully these details shed more light on who may have committed this terrible act.

      • eileen Howard eileen Howard

        Lisa’s son seemed to say that his fathers occupation as a pilot was unknown by the public, and was a bit angered by me saying he had made a good life for himself and his family by becoming a pilot, I just wanted Sean to know it was all over twitter by his fathers hand that he was a pilot. that is partly how I knew. I just don’t want anyone thinking I was giving out information about my family that was not already out there. I will give insight to the family if I think it will help convict the two persons that comitted this crime. I am heartbroken that these two children had to lose a loving mother and I did not put Phil leckies life out there, Phil is proud of who he is and posted many photo’s as far back as 2014 of his new occupation, he should be proud of who he is, as he has shown his pride in his sons and family on line on facebook and twitter abundantly.

        • Christine Christine

          Hi Eileen – Nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well this summer during these uncertain and frightening times! I also hope that one day soon Rain and Sean get answers about what happened to their mom. My heart goes out to you and to all of Lisa’s loved ones – I can’t even imagine what everyone is going through as they continue to navigate this loss and get at least some kind of justice. Take care.

          • Eileen Howard Fralick Eileen Howard Fralick

            christine, thanks and it is hotter than the hubs of Haiti here now and of course the crisis we are in is not good. Being in Canada, we seem to have it a little more under control, but I do feel it is opening up to soon. this site is for our dear girl Lisa. I loved Lisa like she was my niece, as she was my niece. I babysat Sean for them, I babysat his fathe for many years of his young life. I loved Lisa and am very angered by her loss. The person who knows what happened here is a gutless coward. they should confess and spend the rest of their life paying for taking her. I have had the detectives at my home within the last year. No matter who did this I will answer their questions to the best of my ability if it takes until I am on my way to see Lisa. I know they know who is responsible by the questions they ask me. Dna is of no help in this, all they found was family dna, and they expected that to be there, at least that is what was let on to me. I really want this ended, as I feel the persons involved knew Lisa well and did this for a specific outcome. I fear that they will do it again when they need an outcome to come out the way they want it. to, they will do this again. Once a murderer always a murderer. especially when you have gotten away with it once.
            The reason police don’t give up on catching a killer, is because like me they know it will take another life, or many lives. I really hope my family knows I will always love them inspite of the fact I stay away. We were all raised in a very very dark place and it screwed all of us up in one way or another. Addiction, anger, etc, my father was a pedophile, my mother, whom I made amends with about 5 years before she passed, lied about so many things to cover up what she and my father did. all this crap gets passed on to the next generation, fortunatly none of us are child molesters. but still screwed up royally, and I include myself to the enth degree. I gave up all my chidren, out of fear of being like them. That hurt them emmensely I am sure, but I know I did what was best for them at the time. I didn’t want their life to turn into this nightmare I have lived in my whole life. None of my family are suspects in this murder. But a few secrets and lies came out that I really wish hadn’t, not concerning myself, but this is explainable, just not proveable so far. I want Lisa’s killers found, as this affects everyone surrounding it. I want Sean and Rain to be free of this, but even if the killer is found, they will always feel the loss of a mother who loved them. No she, like all humans, was not perfect, but I know she did her best for those two boys. and would have for her entire life. I know in my heart what happened and I am sick about it. I have told police all I know, they just can’t prove anything. I gave them my Dna and all that accomplished was ruling out my sister, as they found no Dna matching mine, in any way. The only reason I know it ruled her out, is they called to ask me if my sister might have been adopted, shortly after I gave my Dna. I knew she had no part in this. and I knew no blood relative of mine was involved. I had to tell them I know for sure she is at least my half sister as my mother gave birth to her. and there are good hospital records to show that. She is my whole sister, but there is some questions as to my other sisters paternity, She is apparently only my half sister. told you I came from one screwed up bunch. this is easily proven by a dna test between her and I, my mother told me shortly before her death that she had left my father and had a relationship with another man in the same army as my father. I have my fathers records from the military and when my mother conceived my middle sister my father had been gone to Manitoba for what they called Alaska training, making it impossible for my sister to be his. but she is my half sister for sure, and she always suspected she was different in his eyes than the other 3 kids. but no part dna to mine was found with the murder scene. this just shows you how screwed up a family I come from, and we all married into strange surroundings, I did it 3 times. We married into addiction, probably because we fit in there. Drug addiction, gambling addiction, overeating. and God only knows what else. Power addiction etc. I feel Lisa felt loved by my family, as I loved her dearly and knew she had been through a very hard childhood, Cancer for a child must be terrifying, and all else she went through. We tried our best to be a good Aunt and Uncle to the kids(Lisa and Phil) We were there to help them finish their condo apt. before they sold it so they would get what it was truly worth, We built Seany an oak toy box, as a wedding gift, we offered to sit with Sean if they needed us. I know Sean doesn’t likely remember much of this, but I do hope that once this ends, if ever, he will see that Steve and I loved him very much, and if we stay away it is because we love him. this is about His Mother, Lisa, and all the things I am telling here is about Lisa. The more people know about the real world she lived in, will help them know it is okay to come forward with what they know. No Matter what happened, we are all strong enough to handle it. We have handled all this before. Lisa and I talked a few times about her life as a child, She at first actually believed we were a perfectly normal family. she was so young when I met her, and so beautiful inside and out. Yes, she was a little messed up, but nothing that she couldn’t grow and become stronger because of it. No family is perfect, not hers, not mine, no ones. I needed her to know we were not anymore perfect than she was. I want everyone to know how much she had grown stronger through the 9 or ten years I knew her. I was at the police station at their request a few years back and Lisa’s sister and mother were there also. Cera was what i was told her sisters name was, turns out it is Sarah. I guess the other spelling seemed more exotic or something, none of my business I guess. No matter what else is said here, Lisa’s killers knew her, and had no right to take a life. I will tell the truth to the police no matter what. I don’t want this to have anything to do with my blood relatives, they have suffered enough and so far they have removed all of us from the list, including my Nephew Phil. But no matter how much I love someone, I would never lie to protect a murderer. I have lost a dear friend, Ian Leckie was there for me many times when I was in trouble. I wish he would have spoken to me but it was my fault he didn’t, I seperated myself from my family after my mother passed for a very specific reason, I lost Ian long before Lisa’s death. That was not my fault, it was his. I will miss the man I called a big brother for the rest of my life. He asked me for things I could not do, I would not lie to my own sister. She protected me best she could when I was the last female child my father had access too. so lying to her was a job I was incapable of so I had to walk away. I am not doing this to hurt him or his memory. I loved him dearly. He needs to come back here and explain this all to me. I know Sean will be angry with me for this email, I don’t care. He too has to realize we are all imperfect. Me especially and we all have our line in the sand. Murder is on the other side of my line. Maybe cause I am to chicken to spend the rest of my life in prison. I doubt that though. I did 4 months in jail when I was way younger for renting a car with someone elses ID. I am still sick over the fact that I could do something that stupid and wrong. I was almost proud of it at the time, cause I knew it would embarass my mother and father so much. I knew I belonged in jail though, and never went to jail for anything again. My worst enemy died shortly before I got caught with the car. I wish I could just blurt out what really went on here, but I can’t. I don’t mean about Lisa’s murder, but there is way more to my family’s screw loose ways than I am willing to tell here. If I thought it would help Sean at all, I would, the police know all about my life in this screwed up world of my family. I know I did what I could, in spite of Cera, or Sarah and her Moms angered words toward me. I never once said I thought my nephew was involved. I have every email I ever sent anyone involved with Lisa. I did ask a few leading questions hoping it would bring forth a clue, and I met with Police anytime I remembered something pertaining to the case.

            I know these boys deserve an answer so I really think that really brave murderer should at least tell us why, why, I was molested and didn’t murder the son of a bitch, I know Lisa did nothing to deserve this. and I know the murderer watches all these sites to see if the police are getting closer to proving what they did. They are very close, they just need that one little tiny piece of evidence.

        • Sean Leckie Sean Leckie

          Hello Eileen, and welcome back to the fold.

          I had no issue with you spreading info about my fathers’ occupation as a pilot; rather, his salary indo was not pertinent to the conversation.

          If you have further qualms with me, please reach out via Facebook Messenger. Please do NOT reply on this public forum. This page is for Lisa. Not you, not Phil, Lisa. Please respect that and come to me directly.


          • eileen Fralick eileen Fralick

            you are well I hope Sean. I stay away cause my family is such a mess, You seem to be a brave and smart young man. I have always loved you and always will.

          • eileen fralick eileen fralick

            Sean, I am only here about lisa, the answers you look for might be better left unanswered, I know this because I have lived through hell also, and wanted the truth to be anything but what the truth was.

        • Sean Leckie Sean Leckie

          Replying here because there’s no reply link after a certain number of child replies. Reply is in regards to

          Eileen, even after I asked you to respect that this page is about Lisa, you continue to spew on about your personal life and experiences. I thank you for whatever you did for me in the past, but it does not excuse what you are doing now.

          I think I’ve been polite leading up to this, but I’m kind of hitting my limit. I was considering not even posting this message because it may well just fuel you to write another book like last time, but it seems people from your side of the family need a hard foot down sometimes to realize what you’re doing.

          Stop. You have no relation to my mother. You are sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and inserting yourself for attention. Get the **** out of this comments section and vent to someone else. Your past was cruel, but you don’t see me venting about my mental health, of which I’m sure you know since you seem to know details of everything in my family.

          Have respect for Christine, the TCF, and the family of Lisa. Christ’s sake. Read over your novels and ask yourself what they contribute to this case.

          I am not speaking for just myself when I say that you need to shut the hell up. Multiple people I have talked to about this thread agree.

          • Eileen Fralick Eileen Fralick

            you live your life Sean, I shall leave you out of mine.

    • Sarah Sarah

      Derek had no involvement in my sisters death. And she was not sexually assaulted. Horrible speculation!

      • Christine Christine

        Hi Sarah – Thanks for sharing your insights and view of the case. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. All the very best to you and your family this holiday weekend and always. ~ Christine

  2. Gracie Gracie

    In Lisa’s case, I feel it will be a hard one to solve considering time of death was not released and other pertinent information is being withheld. I also agree with Erica that Derek would be my number one suspect. If she was raped and Derek’s semen was found, he could just say it was consensual. Her child, Rain was not hurt. It could have been jealousy over her ex husband, Phil and their 9 year old son, Sean. Just hoping the answers will be found for her family and children.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Gracie. Thanks so much for your comment and for posting on the website! I really hope to foster conversation on this platform. You’re right. This is definitely a tough case for us armchair detectives to solve, as it feels like we’re missing a lot of pertinent information. I hope the police are holding back information to help them solve the case. I think you and Erica are onto something about Derek. Although it’s impossible to know, he’s a likely suspect. And great point about how he could’ve explained away any DNA evidence left at the scene. Like you, all I really hope for is justice for Lisa and some sense of closure for her family. I can’t even imagine what they must be going through. And to be one of her children and to grow up wondering if your dad (either of the men in Lisa’s life) could’ve been involved would be tragic to live with.

      • Eileen Howard Fralick Eileen Howard Fralick

        Derek has a solid alibi, he was at work till 7am and witness’s attest to that and camera’s, I also think Phil had a pretty solid alibi, he also was working the night shift at Kellogg’s. That does not mean that either of these two men were not in on the murder. I know Phils father just past recently and I believe he committed suicide at age 63. Phil was living with another women at the time of his ex’s death. She hated LIsa, calling her a bitch etc. when Lisa would call to talk about Sean with Sean’s father Phil. If it was any member of the family, that will be hard to prove as the Dna found at the crime scene could easily have been brought there by Sean going back and forth to his mother and fathers house, taking his toys, books etc back and forth often in a green garbage bag. as his father was not at all organized, Dna from the father and now Stepmother to the son Sean would be expected at both houses. So if it was a family member it will never be proven, but Phil and Derek are off the hook for actually committing the murder, but either could be a conspirator. in the case of their being no witness to come forward, I believe only a confession will solve this case. I feel so sad for those young boys. Sean is now a teen and doing quite well I believe. I pray for them both to accept the loss of their mother and they will likely never know who killed their mother. The police are almost positive they know what happened but cannot prove it.

        • Christine Christine

          Eileen – thanks for the updates and your insights. What a complicated case! Like you, I have a feeling that it’s going to take a confession to get this case solved, or perhaps a member of the public who knows something to come forward. I’m ecstatic to hear that Sean is doing well, and I hope for all the best for Lisa’s loved ones. I cannot even begin to fathom how they can manage living with such a tragedy. Their strength is inspiring. It must be so frustrating for everyone involved to basically “know” who did it but lack the evidence to prove it. I am holding out hope that changes.

          • Eileen Howard Fralick Eileen Howard Fralick

            Yes we basically know what happened, I even understand why it happened, Lisa had decided she and the two kids and Derek should move out to BC where her friend lived. Her friend had a child by Phils younger Brother. so that child would be Sean and Rains cousin. I feel that someone didn’t want Sean taken away out there and also one person did benefit financially from Lisa’s death. My writing this is probably going to really cause a riff with my two older siblings. My eldest sister just lost her husband of 30 some odd years. I think it was an overdose of oxecontin, excuse my spelling please. I know Phil was at work and would never go along with the killing of his childs mother. Lisa also lost a baby not long before her murder. She miscarried. I found that information from a site she had been on about parenting, she said she wanted that baby so badly. She loved little babies but said on that site that she was so disappointed in Dereks mother, she said the grandma had said if you ever need me just call but didn’t ever take the little one for lisa. Lisa loved little babies but then when they grow into a child she was not wanting to do the leg work. Not meaning to speak ill of the dead, but Sean was raised solely by my sisters husband, who is now dead. The kids were only 16 when lisa got pregnant. Lisa also had a very bad childhood, she was molested by her mothers boyfriend as a teenager, he went to jail for it. Lisa was so hurt when her mother ( a very unkempt woman) took the jack a__ back after his sentence was up. I feel she got pregnant on purpose to get on welfare and get the heck out of that house. Her mom puts on a big show now, of being the great loving mother, but Lisa told me her childhood was just a string of her mothers bad taste in men. I loved Lisa dearly, but she was one confused young lady. The reason she and Phil split was, Phil would not get her “knocked up again” as they could barely feed the child they had. But they could afford motor cycles etc, etc. Lisa just wanted more and more babies. She did get pregnant again after Rain, with Dereks baby but lost that child and that upset her, but she was upset because Dereks mother wanted no part of raising her grandkids. Lisa had gotten the idea that grandma’s and grandpa’s were like “Grandpa Ian, Phils dad, he had sean constantly. and loved having him and didn’t want her to take him away from London. Sean was always with grandpa, he picked Sean up each day at school and took him to school etc. was at every ball game etc etc. so Lisa thought her grandparents on Dereks side should want their grandkid just like Phils dad wanted Sean at all time. For some reason she liked kids as wee baby’s but kind of lost interest after they got walking etc. Phil is now a Pilot and flys private planes somewhere near the conastoga college, so at least his schooling was paid for when the mortgage on the house was paid off after Lisa’s death. I don’t think that this was a money motivated murder though. $180000 is not really enough to commit a murder, that is approx. the value of the house when the insurance had to pay it off, Phil did at least get an education and looks after Sean well. It was a huge loss to poor Seany when his grandpa Ian committed suicide or had an accidental overdose, he was on a lot of very strong pain killers as he had fibromyalgia (spelling) sorry! WEll got to run and sorry this comes out very mixed up. in some places. I am just glad Sean was almost grown into a man when his grandpa whom Sean adored, decided to leave us. Ian was a great man, but those drugs and a gambling habit, could be a bad bad mix. I know, as I am of the addicted. Sober now, for a long time, but have to watch every move I make, don’t want to pick up a new bad habit, like the casino or on line gambling! So I am not trying to bad mouth anyone, just letting you know the facts surrounding Lisa’s life. She never really grew up. That boyfriend of her mothers screwed Lisa up so badly. I hope she is at peace now, I talked to her about certain very controlling people (my relatives) that she had to learn she was an adult and did not have to do everything there way. I think she was actually doing just that by wanting to get away from here. I haven’t seen Rain since she passed I hope the little guy is a nice young man now. His dad and his grandma were raising him last I heard. I pray for all these folks, as I came from a home of a child molester, my father was a mean drunken pervert. So I know how screwed up I was for years, so I felt for our young Lisa. Thanks for you time and letting me get this crap off my chest.

          • Christine Christine

            Hi Eileen – I really appreciate you sharing all of this with me and our true crime community. These are exactly the kind of insights that help generate interest in cold cases and might spark some movement in the case. I’m sure you have already, but if by chance you haven’t, please consider sharing your thoughts with the police. We just never know what might help cause some movement or closure in the case. I’m heartbroken to learn about Lisa’s challenges in life. What a horrible childhood, and it’s terrible that her life ended too soon for her to raise her children throughout their childhood in a safe and stable home–what Lisa herself also deserved. Yikes. Family issues can be difficult to navigate, and it’s unfortunate that your sharing of your thoughts and knowledge could cause a rift in your family; I’m sorry you have to deal with that. Sadly, we don’t get to choose our family members, and I sometimes wish we could! As an aside, I’m the opposite: I’ve always loved my son more than anything, and it only increased as he grew up, started talking, and his own unique personality shone through. And I’m sorry to hear about the struggles and issues you’ve had to face. Your strength, resilience, and perseverance are an inspiration! One of my close family members is an alcoholic. He’s been sober for ten years now, and I can’t even begin to express how proud of him I am and how much I love and respect him for tackling his addiction disease on a daily basis. All the best to you, and I hope you have a great weekend!

          • Eileen Howard Fralick Eileen Howard Fralick

            Thank you for that lovely response Christine, hope someday the police find a way to prove what actually happened here. I want to think it had nothing to do with my family, but I highly doubt that. Lisa had a lot of issue’s but she was a mother and she loved her kids, no one has the right to take a life, we are not judge and jury, She had a lot of growing to do , and I truly believe she was maturing every single day. She had a lot more to give. We all have our issue’s, but we all should have the right to grow and learn from our mistakes, and be a mother to our children. Eileen

          • Christine Christine

            Very well said, Eileen! I hope you enjoy the weekend–it’s very snowy here in “faux London”, as I like to call it–so no doubt I will spend a large portion of my weekend shovelling (and researching and writing about true crime, of course). Take care and talk soon!

        • Sarah Sarah

          Stop speaking of Derek and rain! You don’t even know them! You’ve never met either of them!

    • Eileen Howard Fralick Eileen Howard Fralick

      it definitely was not jealousy over her ex, he was already living with a new women. there is the angle of custody of their son Sean, maybe lisa was threatening to take both children and move away from London, just something I heard. Sean was raised mostly by his grandfather, Phil’s dad. Phils father passed away, I think due to suicide last July 2017. Phil’s present wife was very close to her father in Law, as she keeps leaving very loving postings on his facebook Memorial page. She says things like I Miss you so much, I don’t think I can go on, I wish I could go back and change the past. Makes me wonder what she wishes she could go back and undo…

      • Christine Christine

        Hi Eileen, Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment. These details that weren’t available in the media help narrow down the possible suspects, in my opinion. And the comments on the memorial page for Phil’s dad are vague but definitely unsettling. I really hope your family gets some semblance of closure one day, and I will actively keep spreading the word about Lisa. Someone out there knows something, and it’s time for them to come forward!

      • Sarah Sarah

        How many lies can you tell?!
        Lisa was not 16 when she got pregnant, for one.
        Lisa did not plan on going to b.c at all. And you’ve messaged me several times through the years claiming you could prove it was Phil and deb that killed Lisa!
        Phil left his job that night for a brief time and you know it, you’re the one that told us so.
        How dare you go in public and try to drag Derek’s name through the mud yet claim you’ve got ways of proving it was Phil.
        You are of no relation to MY sister stop pretending you were her family member! You’ve spent years sending the police and myself on wild goose chases. Stop the lies!!!

  3. rose cudmore rose cudmore

    Lisa was not raped, and she has a time of death of approx. 3am.

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for the details!

  4. True Crime Chronicles True Crime Chronicles

    Thanks for featuring common cases that receive little or no attention. It is important to keep them current.

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I try to cover a good mix of less common and more well known cases. You’re right; it’s crucial to draw attention to all cases regardless of how popular they may be. Have a great day!

    • Todd Todd

      Wow! That’s all I can say! Hoping this gets solved but seems to be a ton of mid information and rumors!
      I love reading your stuff, please keep them coming

      • Christine Christine

        Thanks for reading, Todd! And for your kind words.

  5. Eileen Howard Fralick Eileen Howard Fralick

    Thank you for your work on these cold cases, her sons deserve to know what happened to their mother.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Eileen – Thanks very much for reading, taking the time to comment, and your kind words! I believe that shining a light on unsolved crime cases is crucial, and I hope that my work can make even a small difference. Thanks again.

  6. Eileen Howard Fralick Eileen Howard Fralick

    I think the police often follow sites like these, hoping for evidence or just little clues as to what may have happened. It is easy for them to find these files, as googling their murdered cases would come up with this site. I hope they read the ones that pertain to their cases. It could help them figure out some of the baffling parts of the case. They at least gain insite into what is being said and thought about the case. Thanks Christine. Eileen

    • Christine Christine

      Great point, Eileen. I know if I was a police officer I would take advantage of as many online sources as possible. You just never know what you might stumble across. I worry that they might not always have the time, but hopefully they can find a way.

  7. Sean Sean

    Hello, Christine, thank you for your work on this. Yes, my name is correct — I am Lisa’s son. I’m now 17 and in my senior high school year, and while I’ve posted under alibis during my time on the internet working with others to provide details about the case.

    First off, Eileen, I love you, but stop leaking all this personal info, especially on my father’s occupation. It’s unwarranted and unnecessary. Also, you have no right to speak of my grandfather’s suicide and how I feel about it. Once again, I mean nothing against you, but I want you to step back and look at what you’re saying.

    Second, I’d like to clear any suspicion of Derek. He has no motive, and a solid alibi at work. He always worked nights. There’s no real reason to suspect him.

    A little insight on our apartment. The security was awful – sometimes I wouldn’t even have to buzz my mother. People would let me in all the time, and a door mat jammed the buzz door open frequently, making entry easy. However, we kept our door locked, and I don’t think my mother would’ve opened the door to just anyone.

    That’s all for now. Any questions welcome, but I’ll answer what I feel is pertinent.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Sean, thank you very much for reaching out. First off, let me say I’m so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine what you have gone through and my heart goes out to you and your mom’s other loved ones. I really appreciate you taking the time to offer some insight into Derek’s schedule and the fact that it’s highly unlikely he’s involved in any way. I’ve lived in an apartment before with sketchy security and know exactly what you are talking about having to rely on others to make sure the building’s doors are secure. People would always glare at me when I didn’t let them in! Regardless, since your mom wouldn’t open the door to just anyone, though, and didn’t leave the door unlocked, I suppose it’s likely the murderer was someone she knew, perhaps only in passing, or even a person who used some kind of ruse to get her to open the door. I’ll keep spreading the word about your mom’s case on social media, as I believe keeping the case in the public’s eye might help drum up interest and hopefully some kind of movement/answers. All the very best to you, and a heartfelt congrats on almost being done high school.

    • Sarah Sarah

      Thank you Sean!
      I hope that Eileen listens to you!
      I love you buddy. Miss you everyday sean. I’m so proud of you!
      ❤️ Auntie Sarah

  8. Eileen Fralick Eileen Fralick

    I have every right to talk about my brother in law. I left out the hurtful parts Sean. I will leave your name out of it from here on. It was a huge loss to you, as it was to me. It is public knowledge about your fathers occupation. No secret leaked there. No secrets have been leaked. it is on a facebook page, if it was to be kept secret why is it on facebook for the world to see. I didn’t mean to upset you. I have done what I can to help the police, they asked for my DNA and I gave it. I wanted to prove my sister had no part in it. They did not find her DNA at the scene, As Detective Bezaire called and asked me if I was sure she was my blood relative, not adopted. I wanted her off their list. Your dad and Derek are not suspects. I was with your dad a lot as he grew up, and it was not his nature to be that violent. I am allowed to say what I want about anyone as long as it is the truth. I want the murderer caught, as they will do it again, when things don’t go their way. I am sorry about mentioning you and the loss of Ian. I agree wholeheartedly that Derek and your dad are not suspects. at all. My other sister told me to look that way for a suspect, meaning in Dereks direction. I guess it could be an old flame of his or something. That is another angle I guess, but I doubt it. I won’t mention you ever again. I did not mean to hurt you in any way. I mentioned your dad and getting his education etc, to show what a good and strong man he has become. Not the type to murder or conspire to murder. I was a suspect at first too, we all were, except you and your brother, as you were much to young to have done such a thing. I know you are in pain and for that I am so sorry. I tried to come around and see you, but the tension that created for your family and for me was way to much. I walked away, as every time I am near my family I get all screwed up again. I loved you as a little boy and as a grown man. Well almost grown. I feel I know what happened, the police know, but they will never prove it, so I guess we must move on. I pray for your mother, she adored you and Rain. I said some things about your mom, but I was repeating some things she said on a public forum. She was under a great deal of stress just prior to losing her life, to a senseless murder. No good reason to take your precious mothers life. I tried very hard to help your dad and mom when they were together, Steve and I came and did capentry work with them when it was time to sell the condo, we laughed and got the place cleaned up for sale all together, even you helped us. Steve built you your toy box, we did try to be your aunt and uncle, but no matter how hard we tried, it just felt like we were only called upon by my sisters when they needed something. Ian was feeling the same way, not about you and your little family, he loved you more than life itself. I can say these things about him cause I spoke with him right before his death. But he did feel a lot of folks called upon him only when they needed a car fixed. Ian helped Steve and I lots of times through our lives but we did try to repay it, we installed his patio door, redid the bathroom and kitchen, laid new carpet for him, stuff he wasn’t able to do alone. We built the deck and supplied the lumber as a thank you for him redoing the engine. We did the one hand washes the other thing. Not many did. He had stopped talking to me for some time, as he knew I couldn’t agree with his choices in life. I missed him terribly. He and I were very very close for many many years. Your dad stood up and got his shit together to raise a family. I didn’t mean anything bad, he is a good man from where I stand. If it came out wrong I am sorry. I am so sorry you have to read of this stuff. I was hoping you had accepted what had happened, but in my heart I knew you would still have to try to figure out what happened, as you are her son. I pray for you and your brothers and family all the time. I know what it is like to not understand what the heck has gone on, we always think knowing will take away the pain. I know now what happened in my childhood, and sorry to say, it does not lessen the pain. Not for me or any of my family. Your Mom deserved to live and raise her children. “She wanted tons of baby’s. I loved her and I missed her, as I didn’t get to see her anymore after your parents separation. I am hoping Sean that someone was nearby and will come forward with information about someone going in or coming out of your apartment. The police need a witness. I don’t care who did this, they need to pay for it. No matter their crazy way of thinking this was the right thing to do. Your mother never hurt anyone intentionally ever. We all hurt people sometimes, as I realize I have hurt you, I didn’t mean too. but I did. I am sorry. I hope you keep doing great at school, I hope you are enjoying it and all that you accomplish in life. Your mother is so proud of you for being strong I am sure. Her whole life was about children. I don’t want anyone thinking that your dad or grandmother had any part in this. They did not. I know my sisters, if they were going to do such a thing, they had many reasons to do so, long before this happened. Please know I did not mean to hurt you, I hope someday you can forgive the hurt I caused you. I also hope the sick person is caught and pays for this senseless act. My greatest hope is that you and your brother grow to be good men. You seem to be growing and learning so far. The facts need to come out in my opinion, but that is my opinion. The coroners report states the basic facts, but I still can’t find any motive that extreme to commit a murder. I do know she loved you more than anything. She glowed when you were with her. I guess saying it was a great loss for you to lose Ian was wrong, I just know how much time you spent with him, he adored you. So I should not have assumed it was a big loss to you. I know it stunned me, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. He did so much, in a great deal of pain for so many. I loved him and he loved me. He was my brother, in my heart. So I will not mention you again, in anything I write, no need as you were definitely not a person of interest. I wanted people to know that she needs a witness to come forward, as there as many people who have to know what happened, I assume I know what happened and the only motive, but it is not fact based, no proof. But her sons deserve to know someone paid for this. I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Or it would have by now. I guess they will have to pay in another life. I just hope someone saw someone leaving that night. I deserve to know someone paid for this crime, but my biggest worry is, if they did it once to get what they wanted, they will do it again, when they can’t get what they want. Take care young Man. Again I never meant to hurt you. The security at your apartment being terrible has already been talked about a lot, the tenants spoke on the news about it a lot shortly after the incident. It was in the papers also. I think. They told of the door not locking most of the time. They spoke of wanting to move because of it. Your mom let the person in, in my mind and what I knew about lisa, she would always lock the door, so she either let them in or the person had a key, which is highly unlikely. I feel she knew the person well. I also think it was two people involved. but that is just my thinking. I have a right to what I think, as you have a right to yours. You can tell anything you like about me as long as it is true, bad or good. I spoke to your Grandpa on the 10th and became a friend on facebook with him just before he passed. I wish now I hadn’t because I did not realize how much pain he was in. He always put on a strong act when he was with me, he protected me and saved my life many a time and I didn’t do the same for him. That is my cross to bare, but I loved him so much, I should have been able to help him. He needed help long before he passed but he just pushed help away. I love you and I am sorry. Eileen

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Eileen – Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with Sean. I’ll step back from the conversation and just let it unfold naturally and unmoderated. ~ Christine

    • Sarah Sarah

      Let’s get some facts straight right now you absolute liar. Roy was not my mothers boyfriend he was her husband. There was never a string of men around because they were married up until Roy was caught for his crimes you absolute liar. The only time you’ve ever even met my mother was three years ago when you had me meet you at Tim Hortons on Dundas and I brought her, as you claimed that you had proof that Phil and his wife had murdered Lisa. You are not related to Lisa in any way shape or form, and the lies you’ve spun run so deeply the police are even tired of the absolute bull crap you speak! You’re out for any attention you can get and it’s sick! This is not the only murder case you claim to know so much information about, as you’ve came to me several times claiming you’re own father murdered a young child many years ago. You also claimed that the police wanted your DNA to link your father to that murder. You’re unstable, dishonest and unhinged! As angry as I am, I will wish you the best and hope you seek help for the demons that haunt you.
      Stop lying to meet your own sick needs!

    • Sarah Sarah

      No! You have no right, stop believing you are so entitled.
      Lisa is Sean’s mother. Sean has all the say here in what is said. Sean and his brother are the ones that suffer the most, they are the ones that were robbed of the most in this situation. You have not one single right to say you can speak of things he’s asked you to not speak of. You have no right to over step his boundaries and disregard his feelings.

      Respect this strong young mans wishes, he gone through enough.

      As for all the messages and what you call the “real” truth, which is far from any of the crap you’ve posted on this site, I’ve still got every one of the hundreds you’ve sent as do the police. You’ve lied to people and claimed to be Lisa’s family, you’ve lied to people claiming to be my aunt so they would have me contact you, your lies are coming to an end.

      • Sean Sean

        Please, please, both of you, enough of this. This is not the place for this screaming of insults, not on a public forum! This was not what I wanted when I posted.

        Eileen, you did, in fact, leak info on my father’s occupation and salary above more than was necessary. None of that pertains to my mother’s cold case. I’m not harmed by what you said, and I do not reserve any right to what your feelings are about my grandfather, but please do not try to tell people how I feel. That’s all I ask.

        Aunt Sarah, I appreciate your passion, really, but let’s all keep in mind that this is public. I’d rather be productive and share relevant information with anyone who’s reading this article!

        Christine, I’d like to apologise. I feel my presence has flared up the emotions in this thread… Which is only natural, given everyone seems to want to protect me in all this. Despite what some may think, I’ve done quite a lot of research on this, going as far as to inspect the building on my free time.

        This is something that you don’t just curl up and cry about. It’s nice to do that sometimes, but since those two years in which I had to recuperate emotionally, even in my internet infancy, I’ve always been more curious and determined to look into it more than let emotions get the better of me. Emotions don’t solve my mother’s case, but a theory here or there certainty can’t hurt the chances of someone figuring out something crucial.

        The fact that LPD wasn’t immediately able to get some sort of direct link means this has to have been carefully planned. A lack of footprints meaning the feet were covered from significant dirt or moisture, perhaps removed at the door. No fingerprints, meaning the assailant came with one goal and one goal only, not sticking around. From what I understand, nothing was missing from the apartment. This is supported by the fact that my half-brother was untouched. The more I think about this, the more I realize this was, if not professional, very well thought out. And if it were professional? That thought simply chills me.

        There was news that someone new had picked up the case one, two years ago (I don’t care to pull up the LFP article right this moment). I haven’t heard anything since. I’m guessing it was some ambitious detective thinking they could find something the original couldn’t. That only means they had very little evidence.

        How do you find a killer with no evidence to lead you to them, and even if you know who they are with a rock solid theory, how do you convict them? That’s my worry — that they know who did it and they simply can’t go after him/her. I guess that’s neither here nor there, though.

        • Christine Christine

          Hi Sean – There is absolutely no reason to apologize. Family dynamics can be complicated, and no doubt when a tragedy occurs it’s natural that emotions run high. I cannot stress enough how sorry I am that your mom was taken away from you. Your quest to find answers is amazing given the circumstances, and I agree with you on all of your thoughts. If nothing was taken from the apartment and no forensic evidence of any kind was found, it leaves me thinking the killer went there with one intention. I sure hope the re-look at the case that started a couple of years ago is still going strong. Fingers crossed they are just not letting the public know what they are up to. But you are right; with the disheartening amount of evidence to work with, there is only so much the authorities can do. And like you, I bet there are strong suspicions about who the killer is but it cannot be proved in a court of law. Really, it might come down to someone coming forward with something someone told them to break open the case. Anyways, my thoughts are always with you and your family. I’ll keep spreading the word about Lisa’s case to keep it in the public’s mind. All the very best, Sean. ~ Christine

  9. Bill Bill

    I agree that the police are likely to have been looking for information on a specific suspect since the murder occurred. Otherwise, there’d be no reason for them to wait eight years to make the type-written note public. I’d like to know whether they believe that the note was sent through the mail or was hand-delivered by the killer at the time of the murder. This account makes me think that the note was brought by the killer, but that’s an assumption.

    The point about whether the note was hand-carried or mailed strikes me for a few reasons. First, a killer who hand-carried a note is risking much greater incrimination. If the note was hand-carried and someone traces the note to a typewriter, then the identity of the killer becomes fairly obvious. If the note was mailed, then maybe the victim was reading the note and called someone to talk about what was said in the note. That person may have come to the apartment to talk more and then things escalated.

    If the police didn’t have a strong suspect, they’d have released the information soon after the killing in hopes that a member of the general public would know someone with that kind of typewriter. They’d hope that someone in the victim’s circle of friends would remember someone having the typewriter and have an idea who might have had access to the typewriter. They might even hope that a pawn shop owner would remember someone wanting to try out that kind of typewriter at a pawn shop. As you said, those old typewriters aren’t common, and access to one wouldn’t be common either.

    The other question is whether the note was a specific threat, an accusation, or a warning about something. If the note was a warning about someone, the victim could have called that person wanting to have a talk and resolve differences. That talk could have gone wrong. In one sense, I can see that someone angry enough to kill would want to leave a message to document why he/she thinks killing the victim was justified. On the other hand, spelling out the motive that directly would point the police to the killer.

    The potential witness is in a photograph with a time stamp around nine o’clock in the evening. Maybe they saw this guy walking along that sidewalk a few times and just decided to use this picture. While I can see where including the time stamp might help some other witness remember the guy, they could just as easily have removed the time stamp unless some Canadian law requires time stamps to remain on surveillance photos. You source the image to the CBC, but I’m assuming that the police actually released the image. The police must have had a reason to release the image with the time stamp visible. I don’t know whether to assume that the time stamp is giving us a rough idea of the time of the murder and what that could say about the entire case.

    If the “potential witness” was really the killer, identifying him from among the victim’s friends shouldn’t have been that difficult. If he committed the killing on behalf of someone else, then maybe he was from out of town and just disappeared from the area. In that case, the typewriter might have been from some other area as well.

    The whole timing issue also plays a part. If the “potential witness” is the killer and showed up at her apartment a little bit after nine o’clock, maybe she would open the door if he said that someone she knew sent him. As the time grew later, the chances that she’d open the door for a stranger grow less. He could have used a ruse. He could have said that her common-law husband had been injured at work. In the fear of the moment, she might have opened the door without thinking. I guess the ruse could work at any time of the night, but that’s a subtle play that some people aren’t smart enough to plan.

    Some people are very good at picking locks. When intruders got into my home a year ago, I think they picked locks on the doors of the enclosed front porch. I heard things out there, but I wasn’t sure what I was hearing. The one that then came through the back storage room didn’t bother to pick the lock but just broke the glass in a French door and reached through the hole to unlock the door. The odd thing was that I didn’t even hear that sound well enough to recognize breaking glass.

    My point is that while police say that there was no sign of forcible entry, we don’t know whether someone picked a lock. If the apartment had a chain on the door that the victim used regularly, that’s one situation. If she relied on just a regular door lock, that’s another situation. If she relied on a dead-bolt, that could be a third situation although some criminals can pick dead-bolts easily enough.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Bill. I’ve always been under the strong impression the note was left at the scene, but I’m not entirely sure why I think that. I think it may have been something a family member mentioned to me. Also, the content of the note was something along the lines “keep the blood clean,” which seems both odd and personal to me. This has always caused me to believe it was someone Lisa knew who killed her. But your thoughts about it being possible someone broke into her unit are equally valid. As you mentioned, just because someone broke into the unit does not mean they would have definitely left signs of entry. Lisa’s family is heartbroken by the tragedy and not giving up on looking on for answers about who killed Lisa. I hope they can find some kind of closure soon.

      • Anonymous Rex Anonymous Rex

        Here’s my take on this case…

        Lisa had a baby with a new man in quick succession after a break up with her ex-husbsnd. There’s bound to be residual contempt there and maybe some jealousy.

        Whoever killed her was known to her. There’s no signs of forced entry so she let them in and must not have feared them to do that. If there’s no signs of a sexual attack, and no signs of paraphillic activity, the crime isn’t sexually motivated, it’s targeted. If nothing was taken from the scene, it’s not a robbery. This almost certainly rules out a stranger attack.

        They left a note talking about keeping the blood clean. On the surface and without context that sounds racist to me. Was her second baby interracial?

        If so, police should follow where that leads. It sounds like a jilted lover of one person or another. Why would her blood be considered dirty? Was it because it was used to create a new life? Was it because she’s swapping bodily fluids with someone else? Some men habour a Madonna-Whore complex about women. A women is held us high esteem when she is doing what he feels she should be. But if she takes a new lover or tries to leave, she’s viewed as dirty and is treated very differently, almost with extreme disgust. If she left her ex, had a new boyfriend and a new baby with someone else, this could send a man like that over the edge. A woman could feel the same though. Was there evidence of a newer trist than that of her current boyfriend?

        They put a bag over her head so they likely came at her from behind and surprise attacked her when her back was turned. It’s not a common method. It lacks confidence. I wonder if it’s a bag found at her house or if they brought it with them.

        There’s a strip plaza across the street with a clear view of the apartment building. I’m not sure if it’s a clear view of her third story unit but if it is… one could assume they were watching her from a what they thought was a safe distance away, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

        This video appears to be from that plaza because the parking spaces begin at the edge of sidewalk which is against a brick wall. The apartment complex does not match this esthetic. I’m not sure what stores were open in 2009 but the stores on Google maps today look like the would close earlier than 9pm save but 1 or 2. So that witness may have been a late night shopper who could identify a scarce amount of cars in the parkinglot or people within them had that video been released in a timely manner. We could also be looking at the killer himself.

        • Curious Kenna Curious Kenna

          I’ll add to that. For the killer to know her boyfriend wasn’t home and that her older son wasn’t either means they knew her personally. They knew her well enough to know her schedule. She lived in a high rise building so what vantage point would a stalker need to have to watch her to learn that? Wouldn’t a first floor / basement unit dweller be easier to target? I think I read she was in u it 314. Can you see that from the plaza?

          But I also agree with you about that letter!! I was thinking the author is slut shaming her and implying she’s dirty while insulting the ethnicity of her second baby. Plus the guy in the surveillance video looks like the same shape and size of Phil Leckie. And even dresses like him. Psst, Law Enforcement, I’ll give you a hint… he’s wearing a hat. Now go get him.

          In his head, he’s probably thinking ‘You’re going to leave me and make me pay you to support your new family when I have a child on the way myself.’ There’s rumours his new gf was jealous af of Lisa and had Sean calling her Mom 6 months after Lisa died.

  10. Connie Connie

    Did she have a relative or mother in law who worked or works at a Pet Value store? I believe I know of this case through her.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Connie. Thanks for reading! I’m not sure about a connection to the Pet Value store. But maybe one of the other readers will know.

  11. John doexxx John doexxx

    Hi christine you seem to have alot of insight into this case. I was wondering if i could contact you directly be email. There is something i want to ask you. Thanks

    • Christine Christine

      Sure! Feel free to use the email contact form on the website. The message will come right to my inbox. Thanks.

    • Sarah Sarah

      Lisa’s my sister. You can call me personally, if you’d like. 2264483094

  12. john doexxx john doexxx

    Dear christine Do you know if lisa was a cancer survivor?

    john doexxx

    • Christine Christine

      No, sorry. I don’t know if that is the case or not. Or how it would be related.

    • Sean Sean

      Lisa was, in fact, a cancer survivor. May I ask why you are asking?

      Sean Leckie

    • Sarah Sarah

      Yes she was. Why?

  13. Roes Roes

    she had childhood cancer and survived it and it did not re occur as an adult as far as I know. Her soon to be ex mother in law worked for pet valu for many years.

  14. john john

    dear sean
    i believe i met your mother although it was a few years before her
    death. when a beautiful young woman tells you she was a cancer survivor
    it is something that sticks in your memory, i am sorry for your loss
    i only had a couple of brief conversations with her. I wish i could
    help you more. God bless john

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