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The Oakland County Child Killer

Hello, my loyal true crime readers! I’m excited to present a guest post by Kennedy from True Crime Center 

Enjoy the guest post ~ Christine

The Oakland County Child Killer

I am from Michigan, pretty close to where the Oakland County Child murders occurred. My boyfriend’s father lived there during that time and his school friend’s little brother was one of the victims. It is especially chilling to me when a serial killer avoids being caught. This case is so puzzling because someone brutally murdered at least four children in 1976 and 1977 and to this day has never been identified. Police do not even know if it is one killer or multiple killers working together. At the time, the murder investigation of this case was the largest in U.S. history, and yet it failed to be solved. This is one of the cases that continues to haunt the people of Michigan.


Photo of the victims of the Oakland County Child Killer
Source: True Crime Center

The first victim of this killer was Mark Stebbins from Ferndale, Michigan. He was last seen on February 15, 1976 leaving an American Legion Hall. He told his mother he was going home to watch television and was never seen again. Mark’s body was found four days later neatly laid out on a snowbank next to a road in Southfield, Michigan. He was fully clothed in the clothes he was wearing the day he disappeared. Examination of the body concluded that the boy had been strangled and sexually assaulted with some object. He also had suffered two lacerations to the left rear of his head. His body had rope marks on both his wrists and ankles which shows he had been bound during some part of his time in captivity. Mark was only 12 years old.

The next victim was another 12-year-old, Jill Robinson. Jill was from Royal Oak, Michigan. Royal Oak is only about 10 minutes away from the city where Mark Stebbins had been murdered. Jill disappeared on December 22, 1976 so a little more than 10 months after Mark Stebbins. On that day Jill had gotten into an argument with her mother over dinner preparations and decided to pack a bag and run away. Usually when children “run away” they go to cool off and return home within hours. Unfortunately, Jill would never return home. Her bicycle was found the next day behind a hobby store in Royal Oak. Her body was later found on December 26, along interstate 75 near Troy, Michigan. Again this is within the same radius where Mark disappeared and his body was found. Also like Mark’s case, Jill’s body was found fully clothed, including her backpack, and laid neatly on a snow bank. Her body was also placed within sight of the Troy police station so this killer was pretty confident. The cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the face while lying on her back. Although how the bodies were found seemed pretty similar nobody really thought there was a connection to Mark’s murder. They happened many months apart and had different causes of death. Jill was not sexually abused or bound like Mark Stebbins had been either.

The third victim was the one that made police realize all of these murders were connected. The victim’s name was Kristine Mihelich and she was only 10 years old. Kristine was from Berkley, Michigan and disappeared on January 2, 1977. This time the murders happened less than a month apart. Kristine was at a 7-Eleven store purchasing a magazine around 3 pm when she was last seen. When she didn’t return home after a couple hours her mother reported her missing. Her body was discovered 19 days later on the side of a rural road in Franklin Village by a mail carrier. Like the other victims her body was fully clothed and laid out neatly in the snow. An autopsy concluded that she had been smothered to death. It also concluded that she had died less than 24 hours before her body was discovered. This means she had been alive for 18 days after being abducted.

The Connection

Obviously all of the victims died in separate ways and seemed to have different periods of time in captivity, but the way the bodies were found and the fact that all of them had occurred in Oakland County was enough for police to determine a connection. All bodies had the same white animal hair on them, presumably from a dog. Reports were released publicly to warn of this possible serial killer operating in Oakland County. The Michigan State Police and a group of law enforcement officials from 13 different communities formed a task force devoted solely to this investigation.

Not surprisingly this news sent the southeastern part of Michigan into mass hysteria. During this time, it was pretty common to just let children go to places on their own. Nothing like this had really occurred in Michigan before and people were terrified. Children who used to walk to school everyday were now driven by their parents. The kids whose parents could not take them would walk in groups and there were even safe houses planned out where the kids could go if they felt unsafe. Children were no longer alone and running around on the streets or in playgrounds. Even the playground behind the Birmingham police station was abandoned. A tow truck driver in Livonia assaulted a man he saw talking to two boys on the street. The man who he assaulted ended up being a tire salesman from Ohio who had gotten lost and was simply asking the boys for directions. He did not even know about the serial killer prowling Oakland County. This was not good for the tire salesman; however, I think the tow truck driver was right in acting out if he thought something was sketchy. I think it is a good thing that the town came together and was being extra cautious.

Even with the town and task force actively searching for this killer, another boy had become a victim. Timothy King was 11 years old and from Birmingham, Michigan. He disappeared on March 16, 1997, around 2 months after Kristine Mihelich’s body was found. Timothy burrowed some money from his sister and rode his skateboard to the nearest drugstore to buy some candy. He was seen leaving the supermarket through the back entrance. Police knew this must have been the act of the serial killer they were looking for and wasted no time searching for the boy and spreading his story everywhere. An extensive search was conducted all throughout the Detroit area and there was widespread media coverage. Timothy’s parents went on television and begged the abductor to return their son home. In the previous cases it is known that they had been alive for at least a few days after being abducted. This gave everyone at least some hope that Timothy could be found alive.

A tip came in from a woman claiming she had seen a boy with a skateboard talking to a man in the parking lot of the drugstore that Timothy had been to. The woman described this man as a white male with a dark complexion and around 25 to 35 years of age. He had shaggy hair and sideburns and had been driving a blue AMC Gremlin with a white stripe on the sides. The woman helped police draw a composite sketch of the man which was released all over. Authorities questioned everybody in Oakland County who owned a Gremlin.

There were two other possible victims of this serial killer; however, they have never been confirmed. Cynthia Cadieux was 16 when she was abducted and bludgeoned to death on January 15, 1976. Her body was found nude and battered the next day. I am assuming she wasn’t one hundred percent considered a victim of the Oakland County Child Killer because she was older than the other victims and her body was not found fully clothed like the others. She was also found the next day which does not follow how the serial killer carried out his abductions. Jane Allan was another suspected victim. She was 14 years old and murdered by carbon monoxide poisoning on August 7, 1976 after accepting a ride while hitchhiking. She was found floating in a river in Ohio on August 11. Again the way she died and how her body was found does not seem to point to the Oakland County Child killer; however, it is not completely disproved either.


Even after all of this, the suspect was never found. Investigators put together a profile of the serial killer. They believed he had a job that gave him freedom of movement. He is also believed to have appeared to be someone a child might trust like a police officer or a doctor. Considering how close all of these abductions and murders occurred it is believed that the killer is pretty familiar with the Oakland County area. Another important thing to note is the fact that the killer was able to keep children for long periods of time without arousing the neighbors’ suspicions.

The task force checked out more than 18,000 tips, which resulted in about two dozen arrests on unrelated charges. The investigation also led to the busting of a multi-state child pornography ring operating on North Fox Island in Lake Michigan. After all of this investigating not much was found in the investigation and the task force disbanded in late 1978, turning the case over to the State Police. The killer never struck again after this.


Photo of Oakland County Child Killer Suspect
Source: True Crime Center

A few weeks after the death of Timothy King, a Detroit psychiatrist who was working with the task force received a letter from someone identifying themselves as “Allen”. The letter was poorly spelled and was very guilt ridden. Allen claimed he was a slave for his roommate Frank who was indeed the Oakland County Child Killer. Allen spoke about how fearful and remorseful he was and was losing his sanity. He even talked about wanting to commit suicide. He wrote how he had accompanied Frank on road trips to scope out boys; however, he was never present during the abductions. Allen explained that Frank did indeed own a Gremlin but that he dumped it in Ohio and it would never be seen again. Allen claimed Frank committed these murders because he was traumatized by killing children in the Vietnam War. He wanted revenge on the rich people for sending forces to Vietnam. Allen then told the psychiatrist to print a certain code word in that Sunday’s Free Press paper. He did this and then received a phone call from Allen offering photographic proof in exchange for guaranteed immunity from prosecution. They arranged to meet at a bar in Detroit but Allen never showed. He was never heard from again.

This whole thing is very odd to me. People will often send letters or try to provide fake information to the police for entertainment, but this one seems pretty legit. Allen seems like a pretty messed up person who may be guilty and trying to reach out. The fact that he never showed up to the bar or tried to reach out again is both questioning and creepy. Did Frank find out he was planning on telling and murder him? Did Allen make all of this up for attention? Or, which I think may be the case, was Allen really the serial killer who was in fact guilty and almost wanting to turn himself in? Maybe he wanted the guilt to go away and wanted everyone to know why he was committing these murders, but he just made up fake names and a fake roommate. Then when the time came to actually meet someone, he chickened out. We may never know.

The next suspect was a man named Archibald Edward Sloan. He was a pedophile who had victimized young boys in his neighborhood. Hair samples in his Pontiac were matched with hair found on the bodies of Timothy King and Mark Stebbins. Archibald’s DNA did not match that of the serial killer’s, and as there was no more evidence connecting him to any crimes he was let go. He claims he often would lend his car to his pedophile friends during the time the serial killer was on the loose.

Photo of Arch Edward Sloan, Oakland County Child Killer Suspect
Source: True Crime Center

After reading this it is pretty surprising to me that the man has not been caught after learning of this information. We have his hair and his DNA and knew what car he was driving at some point. Couldn’t they ask who these friends were that Archibald lent his car to or find out some way? I am sure the pedophile did not want to rat out his friends but there must have been something that could have been done.

Yet another main suspect was a man named Chris Busch. Timmy’s family were the pushing force against Busch, really believing he had involvement in the murders. Busch had been in custody for child pornography shortly before Timmy was abducted. He committed suicide in November of 1978 and bloodstains were found in his apartment. A hand drawn image of a boy who resembled Mark Stebbins, the first victim, screaming in agony was found pinned to the wall where he committed suicide. After his suicide there were no more murders by the Oakland County Child killer.

Photo of sketch done by suspect in Oakland County child killer case
Source: True Crime Center

Obviously this guy is pretty messed up. The drawing of a boy screaming in agony could prove he is the killer, or just show what everyone already knows: he is a pedophile. The bloodstains are obviously suspicious as well, and I would not be surprised if he has murdered someone. One thing I find interesting is how Allen from the letter explained his deep guilt and thoughts of suicide. Could Busch be Allen and the Oakland County Child Killer?

James Vincent Gunnels was only 16 when the crimes occurred; however, his hair was partially matched with hair found on Kristine Mihelich. Oddly enough he had been sexually assaulted many times by Chris Busch when he was younger. The hair match was old and not enough to charge Gunnels with murder. Police gave him a lie detector test about the Oakland County killings and say he intentionally held his breath to try to make the test inconclusive. While in prison for an unrelated crime he was recorded talking to his sister on the phone about the case. She explained how police found his DNA on one of the victims and Gunnels responded by saying, “I wasn’t there when it happened.” Police believe he could have disposed of the body and was working for the actual killer.

All of this evidence points to the fact that Gunnels had something to do with at least one murder. He did not want to take a lie detector test and replied with “I wasn’t there when it happened.” That screams pretty guilty to me. The fact that he was abused by another main suspect in the case has to be more than a coincidence. If Bosch was indeed the killer and Gunnels was only 16, he could have easily been threatened into disposing the bodies. Gunnels had been a victim himself and was obviously afraid of Bosch. It would not surprise me if he disposed of the bodies and that is how his DNA was found on them.

One of the last suspects was a man named Theodore Lamborgine. He was a retired auto worker in Ohio who had been involved in a child porn ring. He had pleaded guilty to 15 sexual related accounts involving young boys. He was offered a shorter sentence if he took a polygraph test about the Oakland County killings but declined the offer. He has never been linked with the Oakland County murders.

Although this guy was obviously a bad person I do not believe he was the Oakland County Child Killer. He always sexually assaulted boys and two girls were murdered in the Oakland County case. It is pretty odd that he would not take a polygraph, however.

Recent News

Timothy King’s family produced a documentary titled Decades in Deceit in which they condemned the investigators and prosecutors for how they handled the case. They claimed they were not taken seriously and the leads they came up with in 2006 were not followed up on.

In 2013, an anonymous informant reported a blue AMC Gremlin buried in a farm field in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Police investigated the lead; however, not much was found and it was pretty common for farmers to dispose of unwanted cars like this. There was also a man referred to as “Bob”who claimed to possibly know who the killer was. Bob claimed there were many more victims and that it was all a part of some devil sacrifice. His case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

My Thoughts

This case is probably the most personal and baffling case to me. I know almost all of the areas and streets mentioned. After much research I feel like I have hardly scratched the surface of the entire thing. There is so much evidence and suspects yet the killer remains unknown. I believe the most likely theory was that Chris Busch and James Gunnels were responsible. Chris was a very disturbed person and probably the one who carried out the plans and actual murders. Gunnels was probably more like his “slave,” too afraid of him to argue and too afraid to be put in jail if he told. They were both from Michigan so definitely could have known the area well. They also most likely would have known the other pedophile, Archibald, and borrowed his car. I believe one of them also wrote the note claiming to be Allen. Then again it could be some random guy who is not even seen as a suspect. This case is so old I am not sure if it will ever be solved. I know the people of Michigan, especially the families of the victims, will never stop the search.


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  1. lulu larraroco lulu larraroco

    I am very sorry for all the famies and the children that were murdered by the OCCK, I am very blessed that I am a victim as well however I lived to tell about it.
    Me and another girl were almost kidnapped by him in 1978, that means he gave it a break and tried to kidnap again, I held on to the girl as tight as I could as he tried to pull us into the car, he had a good hold on her and so did I, I pulled until I fell down then he drove down a dead end road, we were terrified as we knew he would be coming back up the road, we flagged down a bus driver and we told her what happened, she did not care she made us get off the bus, if we were allowed to stay on the bus he could have come back around and we would have gotten the license plate, she is responsible for the OCCK getting away and never being caught.
    We gave a good description to the police, this man knew we saw him, we saw his gremlin car, and he did not get the chance to kill us, so it may have been the last attempt to try to kidnap a child.
    Special Thanks goes to my Principal at Pine Tree Elementary in Lake Orion Michigan, he told us that there was a killer in the area, and every child must hold hands and walk in twos, he saved our lives.
    Lady who drove the bus, I forgive you, but you need to ask forgiveness from the Heavenly Father, you could of done the right thing, and all these parents that lost their children to a monster could have had some closure, and peace.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Lulu – Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. This truly is a tragic case, and I hope that one day any remaining loved ones can get at least some sense of closure. I’m so sorry you had to go through this terrifying experience. I can’t even imagine what that must have been like! What a terrific principal you had; must have been hard to scare the children, but at the same time crucial to keep them safe. Thanks again for sharing your insights.

    • My incident happened Sept 3, 1978. As frequently as I have heard the blue Gremlin called a “Red Herring,” I know what I witnessed. The blue Gremlin is in some way connected to these or similar crimes in or around Oakland County. Since I was seven years old I have lived with the memories. I was not abducted or harmed; however, it was a up close and personal experience that I will never forget. Informed the police in 78 and again last year, never heard anything from them. I’m sure they get tons of tips and there are plenty of internet sleuths to give opinions or theories about the case to keep them busy. My incident happened in Hazel Park, MI around 5:30 PM, Sept 3, 1978. Just a few days before labor day and the start of a new school year.

      • Christine Christine

        Hi Shawn – Thanks for reading and for sharing your personal experience. It must be so frustrating that the authorities did not connect with you. Hopefully they looked into it but just didn’t bother contacting you. You were very brave to report what you saw. Here’s hoping this terrible case is solved one day soon. Thanks again for reaching out!

    • David Marc Hoptman David Marc Hoptman


      I hope someone is still reading comments on this post.

      This may sound weird, but there’s a guy in the attached YouTube video for a 70’s MR. BUBBLE commercial that matches the description of the OCCK. The guy in the back with long side burns playing the tambourine. It’s a longshot, and he may even be dead by now, but feel free if anyone wants to report this to the authorities.

      Funny that the guy in front is actor, Michael Tucci, who played Sonny in GREASE.

      Here’s the YouTube link:

      THANK YOU and Blessed Regards to all,

      • Christine Christine

        Hi David. Thanks for reading and for sharing your insights. Yes! These comments are still monitored, but if you think this is a serious lead please also pass it on to the authorities. Thank you.

        • Katherine DeMarco Katherine DeMarco

          I think I know who the OCCK is. He is part of a criminal organization here in Rochester NY. When I try to report this my emails and regular mail get hacked so that I cant report it. Please contact me. I can show you pictures of him.

          • Christine Christine

            Hi Katherine. That sounds scary. I suggest stopping by the police station and reporting this to authorities. Please take care.

  2. Mike Mike

    I had forgotten all about this case until I found a podcast called “Unsolved Murders” (great podcast by the way, search for it as they cover this topic in 2 episodes). We moved away from Michigan in 1980 so memories of this went to the back of my mind until I heard the podcast. I remember this quite well. We were not allowed to walk to school alone and had to walk in groups. We couldn’t even ride our bikes alone or play at the playground alone. The families of the area came together to watch out for us kids and most of the time while walking to and from school we would see several parents outside watching us to make sure we were ok.

    Ya know it’s odd. I have always been creeped out by “composite suspect” photos. Now I know why – I remember this one being the first one I ever saw.
    Lulu’s story sounds pretty scary and I don’t remember hearing that story around Pontiac or Lake Orion but our parents did a pretty good job of keeping these kinds of things out of ear-shot for us.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Mike ~ Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I’ve never heard of that podcast; I’ll be sure to check it out! This case must sure seem personal to you, given how much it impacted your childhood. It must have been a frightening time for your parents. I love, however, how terrible circumstances can compel a community to pull together. It’s great how everyone watched over the community’s children as though it was one big family. You don’t see that as much today, I think. Composite suspect photos are unnerving! I’m often torn between thinking they look creepy and worry that they look “normal” and therefore anyone could be an evil killer. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us!

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks, Mike!

  3. Steve Oerkfitz Steve Oerkfitz

    Chris Busch’s suicide is very suspect. Not only did he have no gunshot residue on his hands, his arms and hands very under a blanket. You don’t shoot yourself in the head than fix yourself under a blanket.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Steve. It sure is suspect. It would take some talent to cover yourself afterwards. Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts! Here’s hoping this case is one day solved.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Aaron. Thanks very much for reading and for taking the time to comment. This is truly a fascinating and heartbreaking case. I love Nina and Already Gone and will be sure to check out the recommendation. And of course I really appreciate your kind words about my site. Thanks for your support!

  4. Carrie Carrie

    Interesting read! But was the North Fox Island case really proved? I only found dubious sources and allegations. Thanks!

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for reading! I’m not sure. Because this is a guest post I didn’t do the research behind the case. But feel free to reach out to the author and share your thoughts. Links to their social media are at the top (not sure if they are still active). Thanks again!

  5. janie janie

    This case is very close to my heart. First I knew the family of one of the girls and the other reason is that the last body was found across the road from my house. I have often wondered why there was such shoddy police work in the case and such secrecy to it. I remember hearing one report that it was probably someone already in jail or a relative of someone important and it would never be solved. My theory it that the 2 boys’ murders were related aka same person but the girls no and I would take a closer look at the G.S. murders. There’s a lot of things similar to the 2 girls killed.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Janie. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to share your thoughts on this terrible case. Wow, it sure must have hit close to home for you with all of those connections! As the years pass, it seems more and more likely that this case will never be solved. But I still hold out hope that one day soon the families can attain at least some sense of closure. Thanks again and take care.

  6. Chelsea Chelsea

    Did anyone else notice that the dates are suspect? The disappearance date or date the body was found, all within 1 day of a holiday… maybe I watch too much criminal minds.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Chelsea. Thanks for reading and for sharing your insight! Great point. That does seem kind of odd. Hope the authorities noticed too!

  7. Rusty Rusty

    It was the late 70’s when I was approached by two men while standing at the end of our long gravel road in South Lyon. They were driving in what seems like a small truck. I don’t remember the details very clearly anymore… so long ago. But I do remember running away screaming (like we had been taught). The guy who had gotten out of the truck ran back and they sped away. Later I had to speak with the police. I always get a little sick to my stomach when I read up on this case

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Rusty. Thanks for reading and for sharing your troubling story. That must have been such a terrifying experience! I’m really glad that you shared it with the police at time. You never know…one day it might be useful for the investigation. Take care and thanks again.

  8. Jim Jim

    Christine thanks for a good read although some of your facts on Greene and Busch are missing. Busch was the son of a GM Executive with big money. Both Busch and Greene were accused and convicted of molesting a boy in Flint Michigan. Greene received life in prison while Busch was let go on probation for the same crime against the same boy. That speaks volumes as to the money protecting Chris Busch. There is much more involved here and IMO Greene should be “leaned” on for more information. Busch had no gunpowder residue on his hands after his “suicide”. a lot of redacted paperwork handed over to the King family about the suicide. Busch was involved but IMO not working alone.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Jim. Thanks for reading and for sharing your insights. The Busch info is especially disturbing. This article is a guest post; therefore, I didn’t research or write it. But thanks for sharing the additional information with our true crime community!

  9. Lauren Lauren

    Good case rundown but why leave all the typos in it? It wasn’t 1997, it was 1977, it’s “borrowed” not “burrowed” and so on. Just pulls one out of the reading.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Lauren. Thanks for reading! I just checked over the guest post twice and didn’t spot any typos. Mind you, it’s 430 in the morning before work so perhaps I’m missing them. Send along paragraph numbers if you get a chance. I wonder if it could just be how you read the font design, as the dates all seem to say 1977 to me. Thanks again!

    • lmc lmc

      3rd paragraph into the section labeled, “The Connection” and it really threw me off, too. That date of 1997, I had to keep re-read to make sure I was understanding – scrolling up and down thinking that I had missed scrolled.

      Here are the two issues mentioned above – but the only ones I saw, actually.

      “Even with the town and task force actively searching for this killer, another boy had become a victim. Timothy King was 11 years old and from Birmingham, Michigan. He disappeared on March 16, 1997, around 2 months after Kristine Mihelich’s body was found. Timothy burrowed some money from his sister and rode his skateboard to the nearest drugstore to buy some candy.”

      Could any of these killings tie into the Bailey/Dailey pedophile murderer that was convicted of 2-3 counts of rape/sodomy and strangulation by using a belt on young teenage boys – he was prosecuted in the early 1980’s, it was in SE Michigan and he ended up, initially, in Ypsilanti State Asylum for psychiatric issues instead of prison.

      I believe he drove a jeep wrangler (red or white) and was caught when he attempted on another young boy, luring them w/ cigarettes or pot.

      Can’t find ANYTHING on him on the net even though he was a headline news person when caught in around 1984.

      Dailey/Daily or Baily/Bailey was also young, himself, when caught – early 20’s. All of his killings/abductions that were discovered were very similar – young boys, pot/cigarettes for lure, belt, sodomy – belt around neck as he was on top and behind the boys sodomizing them – belt killing at least 2-3 and then one boy slipped away when it was about to happen to him which, ultimately, led to the killer being caught and tried in 1983-1984. I lived in the area at the time and recall reading the daily updates on his capture and conviction.

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks, Mike! Great news clip.

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks, Mike. Looking forward to checking out the book.

  10. Joe Joe

    Great read I hope the family has closure one day

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Joe. Thanks for reading. Me too!

  11. Hal Hal

    Tragic case. As much as Christopher Busch sickens me, see no evidence he was involved. I think he is the Blue Gremlin equivalent on list suspects, nothing there. He was a child molester but had no record of snatching stranger kids, no record of killing kids, no DNA match, and was a slob (killer thought to be very fastidiously clean. Arch Sloan is only one with evidence against him. But he also didn’t molest girls or kill kids. My guess is the hair in his car got there by transfer of 2nd or 3rd party. Just finished Snow Killings, very well written but author bias shows thru quite clearly (Wayne County good, Oakland bad). Genealogical DNA hunt a long shot, hope something else turns up. Other than Sloan telling what he knows, this may be solved. I think the key lies with why girls were taken.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Hal. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to share your insights on this guest post – it’s a heartbreaking and intriguing case. I agree that Busch being the The Oakland County Child Killer is a stretch, but he sure was a disturbing individual. I think the world is a better place without him in it. I’ve never heard of the book Snow Killings but it sounds like an interesting read. Yes! I agree that if it can be uncovered why the girls were taken it would be a great leap forward in solving this case. I think the other options are the faint chance of finding a DNA link… or the killer having told someone and that person finally coming forward. Happy New Year and take care ~ Christine

  12. Mya Belle Mya Belle

    There’s a newer documentary all about this case called “Children of the Snow” which u can see on Hulu. Based off of watching this, I do believe a pedophile ring was used and the children were abducted by one or two men, transferred somewhere else where they were assaulted and killed by another person, then a possible fourth person dumped the bodies. I think they already had the actual perps in jail, but they were let go and things were covered up. It was sad to see some of their parents in the 80s and still waiting to receive closure and justice for their child. You would think if multiple people were involved it would be very hard to keep everyone quiet? This is why I believe the actual perps may be dead or this won’t be solved until after they are or make a confession.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Mya. Glad you read and were interested in this guest post. I haven’t seen that documentary, but it sounds interesting. You’re totally right – the more people involved in a crime the less likely their involvement won’t get out. People are terrible at keeping big secrets. It sure is heartbreaking about the parents waiting for decades for answers. I know I would. Hopefully this case can be closed soon! Take care.

  13. Jack Woods Jack Woods

    Good report but I think you’re downplaying Gunnels’ part in it. Since the hair-match evidence, which is never certain, Gunnel’s DNA was found on Kristine Mihelich. Busch liked boys, not girls. Gunnels might well have been Busch’s victim and his stooge but that is not to say that Busch wouldn’t let Gunnels have something more to his own tastes to keep him happy and in line. Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks were also victims and minions but that didn’t stop them from taking part.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Jack. Thanks for reading this guest post and for taking the time to comment. You share some interesting insights here. One day soon I hope the loved ones and community some concrete answers. It’s been far too long!

  14. JM JM

    Um i know this won’t help find the freakozoid but the first drawing looks like Pa from the little house on the prairie show. also if I see or hear anything that can help find and arrest this freakozoid i will make sure to comment. 🙂

    • Christine Christine

      Hi JM – Oh my goodness… you are right! It does look a bit like Pa! I watched that show when I was a kid and that is super creepy haha. Sure thing – insights into these cases are always welcome. Have a great weekend! ~ Christine

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