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The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

Guest Post: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

Written by RedHanded podcast


Case File Overview

In Oklahoma in 1977, Camp Scott opened its doors to an excited group of young Girl Scouts, but no one could have imagined the horrors that lay ahead.

On the very first night of camp, as the tents shook against a raging thunderstorm, dark events would unfold like a twisted campfire story come to life. And by morning three young girls would be dead, molested and murdered in the middle of the night.

On June 12, 1977 three girls–Denise Milner age 10, Michelle Guse age 9 and Lori Lee Farmer age 8–slept in tent 8 of ‘Kaiawa’ camp: none would survive the night.

Murder victims Michelle, Lori, and Denise 

Image of the Oklahoma Girl Scout murder victims
Image source: RedHanded podcast


Tent 8

Image of tent 8, the Oklahoma Girl Scout murder
Image source: RedHanded podcast

The next morning their dead bodies were found out by the treeline of the forest, 100 ft (30.5 m) from their tent. Lori and Michelle had died from blunt force trauma to the head, but Denise had died from ligature asphyxiation. Reports suggested that both Denise and Michelle had been molested, but with Lori it was hard to tell if anything sexual had happened.

40 years later this brutal crime still remains unsolved. What really happened to the murdered Oklahoma Girl Scouts?


Case File Theories


The Supernatural

With strange discoveries made at the campsite, curses and deaths, supernatural links were growing and hysteria hit its peak.

Spooky, dark woods of Mayes County

Image of dark, spooky woods of Mayes County
Image source: RedHanded podcast


Gene Leroy Hart

Gene Leroy Hart

Image of rapist and suspected murderer George Leroy Hart
Image source: RedHanded podcast

Evidence found in a nearby cave would lead police to track down escaped, convicted rapist Gene Leroy Hart.

Note found on a nearby cave wall

Image of the note left on a cave wall in the Oklahoma City Girl Scout murders
Image source: RedHanded podcast

Hart was eventually caught and stood trial for the murders of Michelle, Lori and Denise.

Shockingly, despite vast amounts of circumstantial evidence, he was found not guilty.

DNA from the case has been re-examined twice over the past four decades, but there has never been a conclusive match to Hart or anyone else.

Who do you think murdered Denise, Michelle, and Lori?

The fact that this crime remains unsolved is truly shocking.

Given what happened that night, it seems likely that this was the work of more than one man.

So even if Hart, who died in prison two months after the trial, was involved, he did not commit these heinous murders alone.

This means there is still potentially a killer on the loose in the dark woods of Mayes County.


To learn more about this bizarre true crime case, check out RedHanded podcast episode ten. It’s available on Apple PodcastsPodbean, Otto Radio, and Stitcher.

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Image source: RedHanded podcast

Brilliant and hilarious Hannah and Suruthi cover a wide variety of true crime and supernatural cases that will satisfy your desire for the macabre.


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    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  2. JM JM

    Hmmmm… It sounds like the girls were kidnapped, seeing as two of the girls were sexually assaulted, and I think that the kidnapper/rapist was doing in the two girls, and they tried to fight back, and so he killed them. Not wanting the third girl to get him caught, he may have killed her in her sleep with maybe cyanide or something. Then he dragged her body with the other girls to mix it up a bit. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your insights, JM! This is a horrible case and I hope one day it can be solved.

  3. nessrin nessrin

    i think that maybe it was hart because i went and did some further reasearch and it had alot of evidence leading back to him such as the boot print near the tent and the same boot print and the cave and hair sample dna and also saliva on a cigarette idk this is a very suspicious case.

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. You very well could be right. Such an intriguing and heartbreaking case with so many options.

  4. Kaylee Kaylee

    Hart for sure. I’ve read alot about this case and alot on hart. He is guilty.

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