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Murder victim Lisa Henderson

The Unsolved Murder of Lisa Ann Henderson

Case File Overview On June 1st, 1979, 17-year-old Lisa Ann Henderson headed out around noon for an afternoon of adventure. She told her brother she was checking out a potential modeling job and then meeting a friend for lunch. When she left her family ...
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Photo of murder victims Gary and Stephanie Gillette

The Unsolved Murder of Gary and Stephanie Gillette

A big thanks to Vincent Strange and Erica Lea from Gone Cold Podcast for this fascinating guest post on the unsolved murder of Gary and Stephanie Gillette. For more on this heartbreaking mystery, be sure to check out the coverage of the case on Gone ...
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Cover of true crime book The Girls Are Gone

Book Review: The Girls Are Gone

Introduction When I was asked to review The Girls Are Gone, I have to admit I had never heard of the Rucki case. I know, I know, you are wondering if I have been living under a rock or something. How could I not know ...
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Photo of missing person Roberta Ferguson

The Disappearance of Roberta Ferguson

Click here to hear the Audio File of this case. And please don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave us review. Positive reviews help others find our show.  Case File Overview On Wednesday August 24, 1988, nineteen-year-old Roberta Ferguson was camping with friends at Cultus ...
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Photo of Missing Person Paige Renkoski

The Disappearance of Paige Renkoski

Hello, my loyal true crime readers! I’m excited to present a guest post by Michelle. Michelle is a freelance writer and the owner of Unsubs Central, a true crime blog where she writes book and film reviews about serial killers. This is her first article ...
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