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The Unsolved Murder of Sheri-Lynn McEwan

The Unsolved Murder of Sheri-Lynn McEwan

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Case File Overview

Sheri-Lynn McEwan was murdered on October 7, 2013. On the afternoon of her murder, 40-year-old Sheri-Lynn was dropped off by some friends after enjoying a weekend away in Las Vegas.

Although Sheri-Lynn’s friends reported nothing out of the ordinary, shortly after she was dropped off a 911 call originated from the house at approximately 4:02 pm.

When first responders arrived at 7 Elbow Lake Road in Estaire, Ontario, a community just south of Sudbury, they discovered a seriously injured Sheri-Lynn. She had been violently assaulted.

The crime scene

Image of Sheri-Lynn McEwan crime scene
Image source: CBC News

Not too long afterwards, Sheri-Lynn succumbed to her injuries.

Sheri-Lynn’s murder remains unsolved.

Case File Theories

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have released little to no details about Sheri-Lynn’s case. They haven’t even confirmed if it was Sheri-Lynn who called 911 or if the person who called said anything. Forensic evidence was collected at the crime scene, but no details about it have been shared. Police are unwilling to say if Sheri-Lynn’s murder was targeted or a random attack. They did, however, vaguely caution people to be vigilant about their personal safety.

Withholding information in a murder investigation is common. Providing the public with too many details can alert the perpetrator to the progress being made in the investigation and reduce the effectiveness of tips. As time passes, though, it might be useful for the police to be a little more open about the case in hopes to generate some new information.

Given the lack of information available, it’s difficult to construct any theories. But we’ll do the best we can with what we know.


Could Sheri-Lynn’s friends have killed her when they dropped her off at home? Perhaps, but I think this is highly unlikely. There was no evidence of animosity between Sheri-Lynn and her friends. Also, more than one person was in the vehicle that dropped Sheri-Lynn off. The more people who know about something the harder it is to keep quiet. Could her friends have murdered Sheri-Lynn and kept silent for all of these years? It’s extremely doubtful. Basically, we have no reason to suspect Sheri-Lynn’s friends, so I think we can discount this theory.


Was Sheri-Lynn killed by an unknown burglar after she returned home? This is a definite possibility. After the crime scene was released, local firefighters visited the home. They say it was apparent that the garage door was broken into. Additionally, the door from the garage that accessed the house was kicked in. As a result, they were quite sure that a break in occurred and that the perpetrator assaulted Sheri-Lynn during the robbery. The police, however, will not confirm if there was a break in. Are the firefighters telling the truth about what they found? I’d say yes, although I suppose they could be involved in a conspiracy to protect Terry Boyle, their close friend, fellow firefighter, and Sheri-Lynn’s husband.


Was Sheri-Lynn murdered by her husband? Maybe. When a woman is murdered, the killer is oftentimes the woman’s spouse or romantic partner. Terry Boyle, Sheri-Lynn’s husband, was the Deputy Fire Chief and a volunteer firefighter at the Estaire Fire Department.

Sheri-Lynn McEwan and her husband Terry Boyle

Image of murder victim Sheri-Lynn McEwan and her husband Terry Boyle
Image source: Sudbury Star

On the afternoon of Sheri-Lynn’s murder, Boyle was at work, driving for Manitoulin Transport on a local run. His fire department pager notified him and the other volunteers about the medical emergency at his address. Terry raced home, but the police denied him access to the scene.

On October 27th, roughly three weeks after his wife’s murder, Terry killed himself. Police won’t discuss Terry’s death, other than to state that foul play was not involved.

I suppose it’s possible that Terry snuck away from his job, murdered Sheri-Lynn, and then killed himself out of guilt or because he didn’t want to be punished for the crime. But none of Sheri-Lynn or Terry’s friends mentioned any issues with their relationship. In fact, one of their friends explained, “The reason I loved [Terry] the most was because of how he treated Sheri-Lynn … he treated her how she should be [treated].”

It seems that everyone who knew Terry described him as “understanding, patient, kind, generous, sweet and helpful.” A fellow firefighter suggested that Terry “died of … a broken heart … That’s what did it to him.” Given Terry’s seemingly fabulous, selfless personality and love for Sheri-Lynn, I think that it’s highly improbable that he had anything to do with her death.

Who do you think murdered Sheri-Lynn?

The police are not giving up on Sheri-Lynn’s case. In October 2017, the OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT), helicopters, and even drones searched the area surrounding Sheri-Lynn’s home for evidence.

Sheri-Lynn’s loved ones are still waiting for answers. Her friends and colleagues at Health Sciences North, where she worked as a nurse, wear pink buttons in Sheri-Lynn’s memory. The buttons pay homage to Sheri-Lynn’s “Red Rock Crusher” moniker, a name she proudly used when playing on her roller derby team. Her friends refuse to take the buttons off until Sheri-Lynn’s murderer is brought to justice.

Sheri-Lynn McEwan

Image of murder victim Sheri-Lynn McEwan
Image source: Sudbury Star

Anyone with information about Sheri-Lynn’s murder should call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122, Sudbury OPP at 1-705-564-6900, or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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  1. Ayesha Ayesha

    Good Day! As a psychic, I saw that the killer was a skinny, short-haired male between 34-38 years old.
    He was wearing glasses (the frames were bit thick) and had light reddish blond hair and a vintage moustache. He was wearing 60s-style clothes. He also had a small build but was strong.

    He was waiting for her return.

    Her kusband was not the Killer. He was very sad and did not want to continue life without her!

    There is a button at the crime scene that leads to the killer!

    Saw the name Mark come up too.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Ayesha. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Wow! You saw quite a few vivid details. If you feel confident in your vision, you should consider reporting it to the authorities as well. Never know what might help. Have a great day.

      • Ayesha Ayesha

        Hi Christine!,
        Thanx I usually work on Cases and report what I can to Police!
        I’m in South Africa and usually send Info through Email.
        I did not find any available now!
        Thank You for the Reply
        Take Care

  2. Mya Belle Mya Belle

    It sounds like the police should of looked at neighbors or anybody who knew Sheri-Lynn was out of town and also saw her husband would be working and not at home, so they had a window of opportunity to break in and harm her. The husband could of hired someone to make him look innocent, and then realized he made a mistake, but it also sounds like he was broken hearted.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Mya. I definitely agree that it was likely someone who Sherri-Lynn knew. I hope the police throughly investigated her husband. Who knows. They might have a good idea who is guilty but don’t have quite enough to press charges.

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