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The Disappearance of Trever Andrews

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Case File Overview

Trever* John Andrews disappeared from London, Ontario on October 28th, 2009. The 26-year-old was last seen around 11:30PM on Oakville Ave. near Huron St. and Clarke Rd.

Trever left his friend Christine Acker’s house and headed to catch the bus home to the apartment he shared with his father Rick.

When Rick returned home after being away for a few days, he found his son missing. He was instantly concerned when Trever was not home but his backpack was hanging on the door. Trever’s father explained, “He never went anywhere for long without it. That was my first clue something was wrong.” By November 1st, Trever’s family had reported him missing to London Police Service.

Police eventually questioned Trever’s family and friends. They also conducted a search of the area where Trever was last seen and interviewed area residents. Authorities were not able to confirm if he actually boarded the bus on the evening he disappeared.

The investigation uncovered no sign of Trever; he remains missing.

Trever is a Caucasian male, with short light brown hair and green eyes. He is approximately 6 feet tall (183 cm) and roughly 170 pounds (77 kg). Trever has a birthmark on his left cheek. When he was last seen he was carrying a No Frills yellow shopping bag containing bottles of beer. When he vanished, Trever was wearing a white t-shirt, white hooded sweatshirt, and white Reebok running shoes with black trim.

*I have seen both “Trevor” and “Trever” reported but after first deciding on “Trevor” because it is the spelling most often used by London Police Service, I changed it to “Trever” after being contacted by one of his close friends. 

Case File Theories

Ran off to party/Left to start a new life

Did Trever merely run off to party? Police were slow to investigate his disappearance. In fact, they did not release a missing person notification in this case until November 10th, thirteen days after Trever was last seen. And it apparently took over four months for the authorities  to interview his friends. The police only considered him a missing person when he failed to keep a meeting with his probation officer.

Trever was a young man struggling with drug addiction, so the authorities likely at first believed he had taken off to party and would eventually show up again when he was ready. This had happened occasionally in the past, but if it was the case this time he would have returned within a few days. He never did.

Or, perhaps, did Trever disappear because he left town to start a new life? Trever had domestic issues with his ex-partner and the subsequent legal problems could have compelled him to begin anew in a different town. Regardless, I think this theory is highly improbable. Trever was in constant contact with his family and friends. He called them so often, “he was considered a bit of a pest.” I doubt he ran off to start a new life and never contacted his loved ones again. Also, he never touched any of the money that he had in his bank account at the time he disappeared.

Also, Trever’s future was finally starting to brighten. He was in counselling and had a son with his ex-partner who he adored. He was actively working to have better visitation rights. Trever also had an appointment lined up to check out a new apartment, a sign of his growing stability and independence. He was even talking about going back to school. Considering all of the above, I would be hard pressed to believe he disappeared willingly.

Foul play

Did someone murder Trever? Sadly, this is the most likely scenario. From the very beginning, his family hoped for the best but suspected the worst; his disappearance was disturbingly out of character. They knew the outgoing, chatty young man would have stayed in constant contact if at all possible. Also, he had abandoned all of his belongings and there has been zero activity on his bank accounts.

There are, however, countless unanswered questions. Was Trever attacked on his way to the bus? Or did he decide to make a detour and visit someone he knew? Was he killed by a stranger, acquaintance, or friend? And if Trever was murdered, what was the motivation? Did his troubled relationship with his ex-partner play a role, or maybe a new relationship he was in? Did his drug use somehow cause his disappearance and suspected death? Did he, for example, stop off somewhere on his way home to purchase drugs and something went terribly wrong? Until some of the answers to these questions are known it is doubtful Trever will be found.

Photo of missing person Trevor John Andrews
Source: London Police Service

What do you think happened to Trever?

Trever’s case receives startlingly little coverage. Trever’s sister, Kelly Andrews, explained to the media why she believes this is the case: Trever has been stereotyped. At the time of his disappearance he had a low socioeconomic status, legal issues, and struggled with a drug problem. This is not the “type” of missing person who often receives a lot of media coverage and police attention.

It is crucial to remember, however, that Trever is a father, son, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, and friend. He is loved and missed by his family, especially his son, and his case deserves attention and resources.

Debbie Harding, Trever’s mother, is pleading with the public to spread the word about Trever’s case and to provide any information they might have. She explains, “Ultimately it is the public we need help from. There will be no closure without support of the community.”

If you have any information about Trever’s disappearance, call London Police Service at 519 661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. His family has advertised a $10,000 reward for information that leads to his whereabouts.

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  1. Todd Todd

    Because of the illegal drug use in the past and legal issues I am the kind of guy who believes it’s probably a drug murder, I’m stereotyping, I know that, but it’s a very good possibility .
    I truly hope I’m wrong

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Todd. I agree with you. Drugs could have a played a role in Trevor’s disappearance. However, they also might not have. And either way, his loved ones still deserve answers. Hopefully one day someone who knows something comes forward and Trevor is found. This is a local case for me, and I think about Trevor often. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Kasey Kasey

    His name is spelt Trever- (with the e) but the police don’t care. So every time they put out, they spell it wrong. He had money in his bank account when he went missing, never touched. The police didn’t even come out to question anyone for over 4 months. He was my closest friend. I have tried to get an update on his case by contacting the detectives, I am told someone will return my call, they never do though. Thank you for this reminder that his body is out there somewhere and his friends and family just want answers.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Kasey – First off, I’m truly sorry about the disappearance of your friend. My heart goes out to you and all of Trever’s loved ones. I added the new information you shared to the post (thank you) and changed the spelling of Trever’s name throughout. May 2020 be the year there are finally answers. All the best ~ Christine

  3. Erica Erica

    I care about the fact that Trever is missing and pray that his family and friends find answers and bring Trever home someday soon!! Thank you for writing and sharing this information!

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Erica. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment!

  4. Barbaraoxley Barbaraoxley

    I’m Trever Aunt my brother his Dad has always been tracking ideas down but now his Dad has passed away with no closer about his son so to honour Trever we have put his name on a grave stone beside his Dad so we can honour both of them together our family is still hoping one day they will find out what really happened to him Thanking everyone who still out there and cares what happened to him

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Barbara. My heart goes out to you and your family. I’m so sorry you’re still searching for answers. I can’t even imagine what you have all gone through. We will keep pushing this case into the public eye. Someone knows something! My best – Christine

    • Marcel provo Marcel provo

      I was questioned by police in 2009 about Trevor. And I told the police I knew nothing but I lied I look up the articles a couple times a month since then I’ve become a father and can’t imagine not knowing were my son has gone. After the cops questioned me I was chased and harassed and black listed by the people who sold drugs with and for. because I made the mistake of telling them about the cops questioning me. And they knew I knew. He tried three times after that to kill me and the cops questioned me again. Cause they had some how seen footage of me running from this person inthe argyle mall from in front of that party place I think. And I lied and said I didn’t know then he went to jail and I was good then he got out found me and cornered a drug house I was delivering to tied me up and threatened to kill my girlfriend and daughter and son if I ever said anything. So I dint and then I left london with my family to newbruswick im done being scared and the guilt eats me inside and have used drugs to avoid it but im clean and sober now and need to do whats right for another father and mother. Mike doxtator had 2000 dollars to who ever set Trevor up for Mike yo get him so me and Adam seen Trevor we were in the parking lot of the first building closest to vanity store and saw him head to Huron and we called Mike who was just down on boulee and he came we stayed and watched 2 girls and 2 men force Trevor in the vehicle. This was like 1125 cause Adam had a curfew and we had to be back on Marconi Blvd by 12 next day Mike asked if we could obtain a wood chipper the next day we dropped it off on an access road to the river and hydro station on oneida reserve just south west of London I never saw Trevor after we followed him and he got in the sun with Mike I don’t know what to do with the information. But I need to do this even if I get held accountable for my actions. Please contact me at [email protected] and go from there

      • Christine Christine

        Hi Marcel. Thank you so much for reaching out and for providing all of these details. That must have been unimaginable to live with all these years. I’m going to do my best to get someone to contact you so you can report this information.

  5. Karen Anne Bell-Booth Karen Anne Bell-Booth

    It states his father said he didn’t go for long without taking his backpack. Easiest way to confirm if he had caught the bus and made it home would be to check with his friend Christine if Trever had his backpack with him at her house when visiting. If he did then he made it home and whatever has happened to him would have occurred after that. It says he had money in his account so I’m thinking not a drug associated issue as that’s more inclined to be due to owing a debt which it sounds like he saved at least a reasonable amount if he was looking at renting a place if his own as need $ for bond first 2 weeks rent, moving and setting up house cost etc. I’m more inclined to think if he made it home then Trevers disappearance is due to the visitation and custody issues with his ex partner. Was she in a relationship at the time and if so was her partner and her checked for their whereabouts as unfortunately it wouldn’t be the first time that someone resorts to murder to resolve family court cases.
    I hope his family and friends can get the help to find the answers.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Karen. Great insights on this case! I really appreciate your thought process here. I do think someone close to him was involved in his disappearance in some way or another and I hope Trever’s loved ones find answers one day. This is a case that occurred in my town and it gets little attention which really drives me bonkers. I have a son around the same age as Trever was when he disappeared and I can’t even imagine what his loved ones are going through.

  6. R R

    Did he have his backpack with him when he was at his friend Christine Acker’s place? Has this been confirmed. This case too is from my home city and I remember the Missing posters being put up all over University Hospital when he went missing (I worked there). This case has just been tossed under the rug, similar to my friend’s brother who was murdered (Sam Lottery).
    Was Trever’s ex interviewed? (Im assuming yes). Was her family interviewed at length? My gut feeling is she/her family/new boyfriend played a role in Trever going missing.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi – Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I know, right?! There are so many unanswered questions in Trever’s case I wish we knew – you covered a lot of them in your comment. I hope the police investigated, know the answers, and just haven’t released their findings. I worry though, as Trever’s disappearance gets so little coverage. I also covered the Sam Lottery case on the site. These cases need to be kept in the spotlight in hopes someone will eventually come forward with information, but it feels like a struggle to get the cases the attention they deserve. Someone knows something – one day soon I hope Trever and Sam’s loved ones and the London community get some answers. Thanks again!

    • s s

      Does anyone know who Trevor’s ex was? What about her new boyfriend? Who are they?

      • Christine Christine

        Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I’m not sure, but this is a good question. Here’s hoping authorities checked out this angle – it’s a typical line of inquiry.

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