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The Unsolved Murder of Valerie Graves

Case Update

Hello, my loyal true crime readers! I am happy to pass on the news that there has been what appears to be a huge break in this case. 

For background details about the case, I suggest that you read the initial post below and then return here to learn about the update.

Cristian Sabou, a twenty-seven-year-old from Romania, has confessed to murdering Valerie Graves. He lived in Britain with his wife for roughly five years. It was during the beginning of Sabou’s stay in Britain that Valerie was murdered (for details on the murder, see the post below). Sabou stayed in Britain for four years after Valerie’s 2013 slaying, but eventually moved back to Romania to find work in construction. He and his wife settled into village life and had two children.

Suspicion regarding his involvement in Valerie’s murder was initially cast on Sabou by his now ex-wife. After learning he was being unfaithful with a woman he met on Facebook, she was “furious,” and the pair went through a contentious divorce. 

After his marriage ended and he lost custody of his children, Sabou left the village he had been living in with his family. Shortly afterwards, his ex-wife contacted the Romanian police and disclosed a long-held secret; her husband was responsible for Valerie’s murder during their time in Britain. 

Romanian authorities passed this tip on to the Sussex police in April of 2019. Sabou was arrested in the Transylvanian town of Dej on a European Arrest Warrant during a joint operation carried out by British and Romanian authorities. He was held in custody until his extradition hearing in July of 2019.   

During his extradition hearing, Sabou made a surprising decision. Even though he was not even asked to enter a plea at the time, he openly confessed to murdering Valerie during a bungled robbery. He stated: 

“I was young, 21, childish, without a job, I did not have much money, it was my first time in England. I did not mean to harm her. It was an accident … I never did any harm in my life. Someone told me there was a lot of money in that house – I never went there to kill someone. I thought everybody was away. She was sleeping in bed, she woke up and she surprised me. I panicked. I had a hammer with me. I did not mean to harm her.”  

When the Court asked Sabou if he had anything to say to Valerie’s family, he simply said: “‘I’m very sorry, I’m really sorry.”

Sabou did not fight extradition; he is now in custody in Britain awaiting trial. However, the Romanian judge conceded to Sabou’s request that if found guilty he can serve out his sentence in a Romanian prison. 

A pre-trial preparatory hearing has been scheduled for November 11, 2019 and a provisional trial date of January 6, 2020 has been set. By all accounts, it looks as though Valerie Graves’ loved ones may soon see some justice.

The Unsolved Murder of Valerie Graves


Case File Overview


Late December 2013, 55-year-old Valerie Graves was housesitting with family members at a £1.6 million Smuggler’s Lane mansion by the sea in Bosham, England when she was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

Valerie Graves

Murder victim Valerie Graves
Image source: The Argus

Valerie, a popular artist, arrived at the home with her mother Eileen just days before Christmas to celebrate the holidays and Valerie’s birthday. Valerie’s sister Jan and her sister’s partner Nigel Akers arrived shortly thereafter. The mansion belonged to the Chamberlains, friends of Nigel’s who were holidaying in Costa Rica with their children.

On December 29, 2013, Valerie excused herself at around 10 pm and headed to her groundfloor bedroom at the rear of the home. The next day, Valerie’s sister came upon a bloody scene when she went downstairs to check on her sister. Valerie had been brutally bludgeoned to death. An autopsy later determined the crime likely occurred around midnight. A patio door that led from Valerie’s bedroom to the backyard was found unlocked.

Forensic teams searched the home and surrounding areas. All of Valerie’s relatives and the neighbours were thoroughly and repeatedly questioned. Three weeks after the murder, flood waters from recent bad weather receded and an old, 30-centimetre long (11.8-inch) claw hammer was found 600 metres (1968 feet) away in Hoe Lane. Although the water had washed away much of the evidence from the murder weapon, both Valerie’s DNA profile and the partial DNA profile of an unknown male remained.

Murder weapon

Image of claw hammer, the murder weapon used in the Valerie Graves murder.
Image source: The Argus

Authorities haven’t found a match to the DNA profile in the National DNA Database. Also, a voluntary DNA screening campaign of men over 17 years of age who lived or worked in the village, or visited the area at the time of murder, has already eliminated nearly 3000 men.

Valerie’s murder remains unsolved.


Case File Theories


Mistaken Identity

Was Valerie murdered by mistake? I suppose it’s possible that one of the Chamberlains was the intended victim. The house is out of the way, situated roughly a mile-and-a-half from the centre of Bosham. The police figured that the killer must have known the area and went to the mansion with a specific purpose in mind; the intent very well could have been to kill one of the Chamberlains. However, if the family was known to the perpetrator, you would think that he would have been aware that the Chamberlains were out of town. Additionally, the killer likely would have realized he was attacking the wrong person and left. These thoughts leave me wondering if the mistaken identity theory is sound.

A Targeted Murder

Was Valerie murdered by someone who knew her? At the beginning of the investigation, the police had “strong suspicions” that this was the case. Given that hammer attacks are extremely up close and personal, it seems probable that Valerie was murdered by someone she knew. Also, Valerie was viciously struck multiple times in the head and face. The violent and chaotic nature of the crime suggests a crime of passion. Could Valerie have been murdered by one of her family members in the house? Or even her ex? Maybe.

At first glance it seems odd that no one in the house heard the intruder enter or leave and didn’t hear the attack. But perhaps, as the media has speculated, the out-of-the-way placement of Valerie’s bedroom played a part in this. Also, as there was no sign of a struggle, Valerie could have been killed in her sleep. As a result, there would have been no loud confrontation between Valerie and her killer for anyone in the house to hear.

It’s important to note that the police have never named any of Valerie’s family members or Valerie’s ex, Roy Wood, as suspects. In fact, they all seem genuinely distraught about her death and actively help the police. Valerie and Roy separated years before her death, and he wasn’t housesitting with her at the time of the murder. Roy explained to the media that he and Valerie had remained friends. He said that her death “has left an enormous hole in our lives.” Although I think this is a more probable scenario than the Chamberlains being the intended target, I’m still not sure. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the DNA evidence on the hammer cleared both Valerie’s family and Roy.

A Robbery Gone Wrong

Did a burglar break into the mansion, accidentally encounter Valerie, and murder her to keep her quiet? This is the most probable theory and the one that the police currently seem to favour. And a random robbery best explains why the DNA evidence hasn’t pointed to a suspect, especially if the killer was just passing through the village. But why kill Valerie if she was sleeping? Not many burglars bludgeon sleeping people to death with a hammer. And why has there been no discussion of anything missing from the home? Also, is the home really located somewhere where a random burglar would happen upon it? Although this seems to be the most likely theory, there are still problems with it that are hard to overcome given the limited information available.

Who do you think murdered Valerie?

On January 14, 2014 a 22-year-old local man was arrested for the murder of Valerie. However, he was released on bail and the charges were eventually dropped. Although the impetus behind either his arrest or release are unclear, I assume that a comparison of his DNA to the male DNA on the murder weapon cleared him. I can’t help but wonder how positive we can be that the partial DNA male profile on the hammer is the killer’s DNA. What if the hammer belonged to someone else and the killer stole it and wore gloves during the crime? Is DNA evidence infallible?

Somewhat ironically, picturesque and peaceful Bosham has been the setting of many fictional murder cases over the years, most famously for the TV show Midsomer Murders and an adaptation of an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

As Valerie’s ex Roy points out, however, real life crimes are rarely solved as quickly or as easily as depicted in crime dramas. Roy explained, “We are used to watching police shows on the television where the baddie is caught two hours later. We understand it doesn’t work like this. The police can only do what they can do if there is no trail to follow.”

Valerie and her loved ones deserve justice. The police are offering a reward of £10,000 to anyone providing information that results in a prosecution and conviction.

Valerie Graves

Image of murder victim Valerie Graves
Image source: The Argus

The Sussex Police are requesting the public’s assistance to solve this case. Their website states:

“We are appealing for any witnesses who have not yet been spoken to and may have been in the area of Smugglers Lane or Hoe Lane between 6pm on 29 December and 10am on 30 December 2013.

• Do you know anyone else who was or could have been there?

• Do you know of anyone who was acting suspiciously around that time or has since mentioned something that has made you suspicious or concerned that they could be involved in this offence? This may be in either a personal or professional capacity.

If you contact police you may be eligible for a £10,000 reward being offered by Surrey and Sussex Police Major Crime Team for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the offender. We need your help to catch Valerie’s killer. Please act now.

If you have information regarding the murder of Valerie Graves or any information which you think will help officers then you can contact us in a number of ways.

• Online quoting reference Op Ensign.

• Telephone: 01273 475432 or 101 and ask for Sussex Police

• Email: [email protected]

• Contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously. You will not have to give any personal details and you will not have to speak to police or go to court.”

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  1. Todd Todd

    Happy new year and may this be the year this killer is caught. My initial suspicion is a crime of passion… beating somebody with a hammer is over kill and a sign of true hate, like you stated. That’s my uneducated deduction for this case. I hope they catch the killer soon.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Todd. Happy New Year! Thanks for reading and commenting. Like you, I find the personal and passionate nature of this crime over the top for a random burglar. I hope that the public can help the police solve this case somehow, as DNA on its own doesn’t seem able to bring it to close. As you say, here’s hoping they close this case soon and get some kind of justice for Valerie.

  2. Marlene Marlene

    Hi Christine. Happy new year! Just wondering if the hammer was from the Chamberlain home or was it brought by the killer? It does seem like Valerie was the intended target, but who would have know what room she was staying in?

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Marlene. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment! To my knowledge, the police haven’t released if the killer brought the hammer with them or not. For some reason I assume they did, but I’m not sure why I think that. I agree that Valerie could have been the intended target. The people in the house with her knew what room she was in (but I really don’t think it was them). I do wonder since her room backed on the rear yard and had a patio door if there was enough windows that someone could have watched the house and determined the room? Valerie had already been at the house for days before the crime. What an unsettling thought, though. Happy New Year!

      • Marlene Marlene

        Hi Christine. Like you, I don’t believe anyone in the home is responsible for Valerie’s murder. I really have no theory as to who did this. It is truly baffling.

  3. Gracie Gracie

    Happy New Year Christine!! I was wondering which one of the Chamberlains would have occupied that specific bedroom. I was just considering that that person could have been the target and when it turned out to be Valerie, the horrific violence was because of extreme disappointment. Just a thought.

    • Christine Christine

      Happy New Year! Great question. From what I’ve seen, that information hasn’t been released. But I sure think it would be helpful to know in determining which of the Chamberlains may have been the target. Since it was the basement bedroom I doubt it was the master bedroom, but I could be wrong. That’s just my assumption. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.

  4. Mark Goulding Mark Goulding

    Hi Christine, a truly baffling case. Am wondering if one of the chamberlains was the target do they know anyone who may wish them harm! Mark Goulding.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Mark. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I do think that one of the family members could have been the target. A truly baffling mystery that I hope is solved one day soon!

  5. Bill Bill

    Obviously, the provenance of the hammer is a big part of the case. I’d want to know whether this brand and model of hammer is common throughout England and whether it is sold in a large variety of hardware stores or is specific to certain stores. I believe Craftsman tools were proprietary to Sears at one time in the United States. I think Home Depot has a kind of store brand of many tools. If the hammer was sold only in a few locations, then they’d get at least a little bit of possible geographic information.

    I’m not inclined to see this crime as necessarily a crime of passion. Because there are no guns in England, “hot” burglaries are more common there. In the United States, coming through a door and trying to fight the people in a home is dangerous because so many of us have guns. When I yelled “You’re going to die!” at the intruders in my home last year, they fled even though I wasn’t holding my gun at the time. I think they thought that the place was empty or at least that I’d be asleep. A police officer once told me that the only burglars in the USA who break into homes with people at home are burglars who are crazy in some way. In England, there are robbers much more willing to come into a home and fight people. Having a hammer could give certain thugs the confidence to face the average homeowner. The killer may have simply broken into the home to commit a burglary but heard something that spooked him after he made the first kill.

    Another problem is that the male DNA on the hammer could be a tradesman whose hammer was stolen before the attack or even a store employee who was putting hammers on the shelf before someone else bought the hammer.

  6. nicky nicky

    the killer has now be caught !

    • Christine Christine

      The best news! The case file has been updated.

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