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The Unsolved Murder of Veronica Kaye

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Case File Overview

On November 7th, 1980, eighteen-year-old Veronica Kaye left the Etobicoke, Ontario apartment she shared with her grandmother to drop by a friend at work and then go shopping.

Veronica’s residence: 287 Markland Dr., Etobicoke

Veronica Kaye Residence 287 Markland Dr.

Veronica boarded a Mississauga Transit bus, and eventually arrived at Cherish Photography, a store located in a small strip mall at 500 Hensall Circle in Mississauga, Ontario, at around 1:30PM.

Veronica’s friend Elaine worked at the store, and Veronica had stopped in to pick up a pair of jeans and two shirts she was considering wearing to a party the following evening.

While chatting with her friend, Veronica mentioned she was getting a ride to the Square One Shopping Centre from someone who was waiting outside in his car, but never mentioned the name of the individual. Elaine did not have the opportunity to see the vehicle or the driver.

Elaine later told the authorities that Veronica seemed in good spirits and there was zero indication anything was wrong. As she was leaving, Veronica mentioned she would call her friend later that day.

When Veronica failed to call Elaine or show up at the party, people began to grow concerned. And by Monday November 10th, Veronica’s worried Grandma who had not seen or heard from her granddaughter in days called the authorities and reported her missing.

The police quickly began a thorough investigation and numerous searches for Veronica were conducted. However, there was no sign of Veronica.

Veronica Kaye missing person poster

Veronica Kaye missing person poster
Source: Ontario Provincial Police

On October 9th, 1981, almost a year after her disappearance, Veronica’s remains were found. Two men walking in a wooded area in Caledon, Ontario stumbled upon her body near the intersection of Humber Station Road and Castlederg Sideroad. 

Location of Veronica’s body

Veronica Kaye crime scene photo

When Veronica was located, she had on the same clothing she was wearing at the time of her disappearance: a red down-filled nylon ski vest, a maroon blouse, blue jeans, and brown running shoes with a white stripe.

Due to extreme decomposition, Veronica had to be identified through dental records. An autopsy found that Veronica was beaten and had received numerous blows to her head. Her skull was fractured and there were defensive wounds on her hands, as if she had been warding off blows from her attacker. The authorities have never released if Veronica was sexually assaulted.

Both the bag of clothing Veronica had borrowed from Elaine and her purse were not at the scene and have never been found.

Veronica’s murder remains unsolved.

Case File Theories

Due to the lack of information in this case, it is difficult to formulate any solid suspect theories. In fact, it is easy to be left with more questions than answers.

One of the more crucial questions often considered is if Veronica was killed by someone within her inner circle or a stranger.

By all accounts, Veronica enjoyed a life typical of most teenagers. Although she lived with her grandma because she felt it afforded her a little more freedom, she had part-time jobs, was accepted into a Humber College program, and liked to have fun and hang out with her regular group of friends.

I think it is extremely unlikely Veronica was killed by someone she knew. It does not seem like she hung out with a bad crowd. The police stated, “Everyone who knew Veronica or was associated to her had been interviewed.” No suspects were uncovered during these interviews.

It also would strike me as odd if Veronica had gotten a ride from a friend and did not mention that person’s name to her friend Elaine. Chances are, they both then would have known the person, and it would have made sense for the person to either come into the photo shop as well, or at least be mentioned by name in conversation.

Given that a bus transfer was found with her body, it is likely that while on her way to visit Elaine Veronica took one bus and then got off to transfer to another. While waiting for the second bus, Veronica was probably approached by stranger who offered her a ride or she became sick of waiting and decided to hitchhike.

Veronica’s father, Ron, has confirmed his daughter and her friends occasionally hitchhiked, a much more common occurrence at the time.

I think whoever gave Veronica a ride from the bus stop was her killer. Keep in mind, though, it is not known if Veronica ever made it to the Square One Shopping Centre after leaving the photo shop. On the small chance that she did, then Veronica could have been killed by someone while she was leaving the mall or on her way home.

Ron has said the police informed him they had strong suspect at one point in the investigation. The suspect was “a painter who frequented Mississauga and who had a white van.” However, by the time Ron learned about this potential break in the case, the suspect was already dead. The police refuse to release any other information about this suspect, citing privacy concerns.

In 2009, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) released images of a unique button found under Veronica’s remains that did not come from her clothing. Police are actively seeking the public’s help to identify the source of this button.

Button found under Veronica’s body

Button found at Veronica Kaye crime scene
Source: Ontario Provincial Police

The button is a clip-on style, not sewn onto fabric. It has a raised symbol on it that looks like the number 8, the infinity symbol, or a winding snake. The authorities hope the button can somehow be linked back to the killer.

Although the police have said they sent off evidence from the case for DNA testing, they will not disclose if they were able to obtain any DNA. If they did, hopefully one day it gets a hit in a DNA database and results in a break in the case.

Who do you think killed Veronica?

In November 2018, the OPP created and released a video overview of Veronica’s case to reinvigorate interest.

The authorities have not given up on finding Veronica’s murderer. OPP Detective Inspector Darren Webster of the Criminal Investigation Branch explained, “It would take something as simple as somebody who has knowledge to come forward with either a name or an address or any knowledge of what happened to Veronica, and that’s what it’s going to take to solve this case.”

When asked how he would feel if he could finally learn who killed his daughter, Ron said, ” It would be a relief. It would be (that) a sense of justice has been served. I think someone knows, and if there is a way of getting to them … or just giving their heart a little tweak, maybe they would (come forward).”

A $50,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Veronica’s murder. If you have any information, please call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.

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  1. J.A. Rolsen J.A. Rolsen

    I greatly appreciate the work done at this site, and others like it, by tireless advocates and hearts like yours, Christine. As a novice survivor-advocate and seasoned believer in information as power, I have a couple of suggestions I’d like to share with you. Please feel free to email me directly (assuming writers have access to non-published content areas?). And thank you, again, for everything you do!

    • Christine Christine

      Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. Feel free to privately email me any information you would like to share through the contact form on the site. Thanks again and have a good day!

  2. The story of Veronica was really scary and I felt goosebumps…The overall article was very informative!!

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Katherine. Thanks for reading and for your kind words! It is a disturbing case.

  3. kim kim

    To the CBS’s Mary Carlvi. Otis Livingston and Cindy Hsu was talking about Mary Calvi private life, they set you up!

  4. 18 year old Veronica Kaye resided at 287 Markland Dr, Etobicoke a high rise building and went missing in 1980. Veronica’s remains were found. 8 year old Nicole Louise Morin who resided just 9 minutes away went missing from her high rise Penthouse complex in 1985 and was never found to this day. Is it a coincidence or could there possibly be a link to both cases?

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Melissa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Wow. How terrible for Nicole’s family. I did not stumble upon any mention of a connection to another case, but you never know. Although in this case that is quite a difference in victim profile (a perpetrator drawn to a young child might not be interested in an 18 year old). Thanks again! And maybe some other readers can weigh in.

  5. Katie Katie

    Hi Christine. I knew Veronica as she lived on my street growing up before she moved to her grandmother’s and we went to the same school. I’m glad she has not been forgotten.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Katie. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to share your connection to Veronica. I can’t even imagine how tough it must have been to lose your friend. I’m very sorry. It is definitely important to keep Veronica’s story alive. All the best to you. ~ Christine

  6. Jim Jim

    What school did veronica attend? I recall a case about a girl named veronica and we lived in the sheridan homelands area of mississauga. She lived in our neighbourhood, not etobicoke so I am wondering if this is the same girl?

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Jim. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I haven’t been able to find out what high school Veronica attended. I know she was about to start courses at Humber College when she disappeared. It would be amazing if she was the same young woman who lived in your neighbourhood! If you are still in touch with anyone in the neighbourhood who would have gone to high school at the same time you could ask if they still have a year book you could check out. That might solve the mystery! Take care and thanks again.

  7. Veronica's Sister Veronica's Sister

    Hi Christine,

    I am an immediate family member of Veronica’s and I wanted to say thank you for documenting the ongoing story.

    We are all still very interested in locating information that leads to the identification of the person who committed this very violent crime.

    I have set up an email [email protected] to correspond with anyone who knew Veronica at that time.

    @Christine, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

    @jim She went to Erindale HS in Mississauga and briefly TL Kennedy HS in Mississauga. Probably the same Veronica as you recall from The Homelands. Please reach out.

    @Katie please email me – would love to connect with you [email protected]

    Veronica’s Sister

    • Christine Christine

      Thank you so much for reaching out. I can’t even imagine what you and your family are going through. Please accept my deepest condolences. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to keep attention on Veronica’s case, and I hope that one day there might be some answers. We’ve been turning our articles into short podcast episodes to help spread the word about cases. Veronica’s is scheduled to be out soon. It’ll be shared on the site when it’s up (as well as all major podcast platforms). All the best. ~ Christine

  8. Jim Jim

    Hi Veronica’s sister. My best friend lived on Barcella cres and we remembered Veronica although she was older and didn’t really know us. What got me looking back into her disappearance this year was remembering a song a local punk band put out at the time called “oh veronica” (where did you go?). I tried to find a copy of the song online with no luck. I think the band was called “neighbourhood threat”
    I didn’t realize she was found murdered until I read this website. It was a sad shock and I hope this site or the police find something to solve this.
    I’m especially intrigued with the button that was found. I find it amazing nobody has come up with a source for this item. Also would love to know more about the white van guy that has sinced passed away. Police had suspected him as a person of interest but absolutely no public details about why he was a person of interest or if/why he wasn’t charged.

  9. Deb poeta Deb poeta

    Scary that I’ve lived my whole life in the same Etobicoke neighbourhood (mark land) am pretty much the same age as Veronica (19 in 1980) yet I have no memory of this murder of ever even hearing any talk strange because 9 year old Nicole yes was a huge sensation talked about for years
    it heartbreaking for veronicas family that this horrific crime has not been solved thank you for sharing

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Deb. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. Yes! It can be really disheartening how some cases just get so little attention from the media. Here’s hoping Veronica’s loved ones get some answers soon.

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