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Image of murder victim Sheri-Lynn McEwan

The Unsolved Murder of Sheri-Lynn McEwan

The Unsolved Murder of Sheri-Lynn McEwan Case File Overview Sheri-Lynn McEwan was murdered on October 7, 2013. On the afternoon of her murder, 40-year-old Sheri-Lynn was dropped off by some friends after enjoying a weekend away in Las Vegas. Although Sheri-Lynn's friends reported nothing out of the ordinary, shortly after she was dropped off a 911 call originated from the house at approximately 4:02 pm. When first responders arrived at 7 Elbow Lake Road in Estaire, Ontario, a community just south of Sudbury, they discovered a seriously injured Sheri-Lynn. She had been violently assaulted. The crime scene Not too long afterwards, Sheri-Lynn succumbed to her injuries. Sheri-Lynn's murder remains unsolved. Case File Theories The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have released little to no details about ...
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Image of murder victim Patricia Bovin

The Unsolved Murder of Patricia Bovin

The Unsolved Murder of Patricia Bovin  Case File Overview Patricia Bovin was murdered when she was only 22 years old. She lived at 790 King Street in London, Ontario with her two children. A friend called Patricia on Thursday, April 24th, 1969. When she didn't answer, the friend went by the apartment at 4:00 pm that afternoon and found Patricia's body. It was a nightmare scene. Patricia's two young boys, aged one and three, were by their mother's body. It was as if they were waiting for her to wake-up. They were sobbing, dirty, and hungry. The front door that accessed the staircase was unlocked. And a neighbour found a pillow case covered in blood by the front of the building. Therefore, the front door was ...
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Image of murder victim Aivaras Danilevicius

The Unsolved Murder of Aivaras Danilevicius

The Unsolved Murder of Aivaras Danilevicius Case File Overview On Friday July 24, 2015 workmen clearing ditches on Hawthorn Lane in Warfield, England found a body. The remains were wrapped in a blanket and garbage bags. The deceased male was wearing a Turkish blue and white striped sweater. Sweater worn by the unidentified murder victim The autopsy revealed that the victim was murdered late summer 2004. After the victim was killed, his body was concealed in the ditch along Hawthorn Lane. The autopsy determined that the cause of death was likely blunt force trauma to the head. DNA identified the murder victim as Aivaras Danilevicius.  Aivaras was Lithuanian and arrived in the UK in 1996. He lived in London and was a part of the ...
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Image of missing person Bryan Braumberger

The Disappearance of Bryan Braumberger

The Disappearance and Suspected Murder of Bryan Braumberger Case File Overview Bryan Braumberger spent the evening of May 31st, 2007 playing video games and watching television at a friend's house in New Westminster, BC. During the early morning hours of June 1st, the 18-year-old teenager said goodbye to his friend, got into his 1988 red Honda Civic, and began his five-minute drive home to Burnaby, BC. Bryan Braumberger's 1988 red Honda Civic  The next day, police located Bryan’s vehicle at the George Derby Centre in the 7500 block of Cumberland Street, the senior's complex where Bryan's grandfather lived. This location is roughly two minutes away from Bryan's house. When police searched the vehicle and the surrounding area, they noticed that the car headlights ...
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Image of missing person Fariba Amani

The Disappearance of Fariba Amani: Lost at Sea

The Unexplained Disappearance of Fariba Amani Case File Overview On February 29th, 2012 Fariba Amani disappeared. Fariba, a 47-year-old mother of two, was from Vancouver, Canada. She disappeared somewhere on the high seas between the Bahamas and Florida. Fariba was enjoying a Bahamas Celebration cruise with her boyfriend, Ramiz Golshani, when she vanished without a trace from the ship. Ramiz said he last saw Fariba at the gift shop on the ship at approximately 1 am. After that, he headed to the casino on his own. After he spent some time there, Ramiz returned to their cabin. He noted that Fariba was not there and fell asleep. At around 7 am the next morning the ship reached the Port of Palm Beach ...
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